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    ernie kosmas

    The final entry fee for the DuPont World Am was $ 395.00 for those who have asked. This was 20 years ago (does not include early or past participants discount).

    In 20 years, the increase is 130 dollars for more value which includes:

    A. More entertainment

    B. Expanded convention activities in including food, drinks, booths and personalities.

    C. Better welcome gifts.

    Back then remember there were more than 100 people per flight and your chances of winning your flight were reduced by 50%.

    The sandbagging was atrocious and with records showing many repeat winners year after year because they knew the system and how to get around it.

    Now with the MAJOR change being you are applied your lowest twelve month handicap hurts the naggers who win their club championships and then pad handicaps upon entering. The WA has taken a great and overdue step in again trying to insure a fair venue for all.

    The people who benefit are the new entrants with no history and fake handicaps

    So, get off your butts and send your entry in…. You are gonna miss a great time.

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