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    Michael Linthicum

    this is my first WAM. how will i know if someone is going to run a skins game in my flight (im in flight 9)

    Rick Kimbrell

    If it is not announced on this board in one of these various threads about skins then you will have to ask Monday at the course who, if anyone, is running skins. Considering you are in Flt 9…I am pretty sure someone will.

    robert mills

    I will be doing skins for flights 26 and 227

    Bill Majercin

    Thanks for running skins in Flight 46 Ken. I’m in the same flight. Will see you there.
    Have you played any of these courses?
    I played Arrowhead in 2013 in my first year at WA

    Charles Gray

    Anybody looking to run a skins game yet for flight 15? See plenty of other flights but none as of yet for the 15/16 group.

    Dennis Daley

    I can do the skins for flights 28/29.

    Dennis Daley

    Flight 28/29 Skins rules

    1.ONLY SCORES FROM YOUR OFFICIAL, SIGNED SCORECARD (not the tear off at the bottom) WILL BE ACCEPTED AND MUST BE SHOWN TO ME BEFORE TURNING YOUR SCORECARD IN. A snapshot can be used to show, text or email me. Make sure I reply to your email or text. If not, call me.

    2.$20 for the first 3 days of skins and $40 for Thursday. Both flights are combined.

    3.As long as my computer and printer don’t fail me, I will post the skins on a sheet near the putting green the next morning. Please find me for payout that morning. For Thursday, make sure I have contact info for you before you leave.

    4.If there are no skins the last day, any tied eagles will split. We will then go to any ties on the most difficult hole (#1HDCP, etc.) and those tied birdies on the most difficult hole will split. Make sure I have contact info for you before you leave.

    5.If there is a rainout the last day please see me before leaving for your refund.

    Any question: contact Dennis Daley, 513-702-1820 (phone or text), email, ddaley1999@aol.com

    andy mealey

    can do skins for flight 38-39

    Tom Bartley

    Hi folks, the last two years I did skins for flights 12 & 13. I’ve moved on the 60 year old bracket and would like to skins for flights 28 & 29. The cost is Mon – Wed $20 each day and $40 for Thursday. Hope to see you next week.

    Tom Bartley

    Dale Craig

    Tom Bartley, Dennis Daley already volunteered to do those 2 flights. Might want to check the other volunteer threads. Always good to have help though when doing skins.

    daniel mcfall

    Is there a volunteer list posted somewhere? Have not seen anything for flight 12

    Dennis Daley

    Tom, I’ve already filled out sheets for all four courses and sent the rules out on the website. Hope you don’t mind but I thought I would do the skins for our flights this year. I have done this in the past. Thanks, Dennis

    James Carter

    Anyone doing skins in flights 9&10? Just curious

    Jason Moore

    I will take care of skins in Flight 2 if someone hasn’t already


    Tournament Scorecard must be used to validate SKINS

    If there are no skins the last day, all eagles will payout on Thursday Only. If no Eagles then all Birdies made on the #1 HCP Hole will be paid.

    Robbie Baker

    Has anyone volunteered to run the skins for flight 25? 25 and 48 are together but they are teeing off of different tees. I assume there is no fair way to run them together.

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