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    Rick Kimbrell

    Dan, that is about as fair a way to do it as any. I have never had to do it but that is what I have always planned to do. There is no real reason to over complicate the skins game.


    We had a 2-man tournament at one of our home courses that a guy got a hole-in-one. He’s buying everyone drinks and celebrating all to find out that he got cancelled out by a 14 year old that teamed up with his Step Dad that paid for their skins. So, the moral of the story is, when two people gets an eagle the result is the same…… CUT!!!!!!

    If I’m running flight 3 and 4 this year, Tim, I’m leaning toward a putt off on Day 4 if indeed there are no clear cut skins. It’s the only fair way to solve it. So for those in flight 3 and 4 if you stick around after the round and every hole gets cut then I guess your going to have to make the trip back to your car and grab your putter and we will put off for the money. It’s the only fair way to do it since nobody actually won a skin. Lets send somebody home a winner! Right Dan?!!!!

    But lets just hope it doesn’t ever happen. Again. But plan for it just in case it does. For those in flight 3 and 4 I’ll take a poll for those who pay for the week far a putt off or draw names from the hat. And that is the way we will go with it. It’s majority rules. Have to be present to win this way on the last day. So I would stick around just in case.


    In case nobody else steps up, I have the pay sheets ready to go for Flights 3 & 4 which will be kept as a tradition, combined skins game like every year. It’s preferred that you pay on the first day $100 for the week. $20, $20, $20 and $40 on Thursday like normal. If you happen to forget you can pay on Tuesday for the rest if your in. We like to be able to hit a few putts and a few chips if at all possible. And I don’t see the need to collect every day. I’m not a babysitter. Ask mommy for a $100 bill and let the games begin!I know quite a few players from these two flights since I’ve been playing here for 17 years. I’ve run them before and use to swap years with George Wonica who ended up in flight 2 last year. His brother Ken is in flight 4. Anyone else want to step up and run it, by all means, I’ll hand it over to you. If you want help I will give you the sheets. If no one steps up I’ll do it. I’m now the Senior man of the group. Hit 50 back in May. At some point someone else has to take it over. My years are numbered. Heck, I almost died a couple years ago in Nov. 2016.

    Rules for 3 & 4 – I need to see a scorecard from each player in the skins game. If one responsible player turns in a scorecard for their group with last names and first initial it will definitely speed up the process. The good thing about the World Am app is that you could see hole by hole scores from everyone in your flight. The bad is I couldn’t see them in the next flight. So if we have to verify your score it can be done. The World Am Staff does want your scorecards in a timely manner. So a group card for our game is fine. CIRCLE BIRDIES AND EAGLES!!!!!! They can be missed if you forget to circle them. They might be money. help us out.

    If your leave Monday thru Wednesday you will be paid the next morning if you won. I might want to hold the money until the next morning to double check scores for you guys. And you can take that both ways, I don’t want to make a mistake. It would help if you stick around on Thursday if you have one holding up. If it gets cut and no winners the first 3 days are carryover. The last day if no one wins you guys are voting on drawing or putt off for the pot. 4 equal winners in drawing or a lengthy putt off to split. Have to be present to win only if there are no skins on Thursday. The money is not staying in the bag. If you win a skin on Thursday and you aren’t there, you better have wrote your number on my player sheet beside your name. I will get in touch with you and meet you at the 19th hole Thursday night. Safe travels and let the games begin!

    Timothy Tullio

    Sounds good Jeff, i’ll see you Monday morning.

    Ken Weatherford

    Here’s my rule. Although I do follow the ties rule on the last day, I am not chasing people down. If they don’t hang around, then they lose out. Also, I am in agreement with a couple of things I heard. I think he who runs the skins makes the rules, as long as it is equitable for everyone playing.

    I also plan to hand our the rules this year and also have them posted under my skins post for our flights. If someone else wants to do it, then great. If not, don’t cry over spilled milk…alias bitch about it.

    Mike Lawson

    Who’s running skins for Flight 40? Mid Senior Men (60-69) How will we find you?


    Ricky Herman

    Dan Mcfall Flight 11 and 12 i will be doing. I have done for over 8 years in the gross flight and the low hdcp of the 50-59 age group. Rick Herman P-wii57@comcast.net, Plus i put up a blog for flights 11 and 12.

    Scott Porter

    Is anyone doing skins in flight 19 & 20?

    Jason Moore

    After considering and reading posts Flight 2 Skins will Be up to someone else. No desire for all the BS and Drama that people want to chime in with. Hopefully someone the day off steps up because I’m out.


    Oh…. and Jason called me a troll on here? I’ve been here since before you had hair on your sack.

    This is why Dan Westenbarger ran it best and runs it simple. Day 4 if no one wins a skin outright and because of the added time it would take to go through all the cards to find the holes with only two Birdies or Eagles, We make the rule that everyone who has stuck around in the event of all ties then he pulls names out of a hat to “SEND SOMEONE HOME A WINNER!” Simplify it to this or a putt and/or chip off for those who have stuck around and everyone will have to be fine with that. And I think they will.

    I’ve only seen it happen once. But when it did happen a rather poor choice was made. Don’t ever walk out the door on Thursday with money in the bag. When I ran it, I’m just your bank for the 4 days. I’ll take good care of your money. But your not getting it back unless you earn it. No refunds. Stick around on Thursday and we will send somebody home a winner.

    Lindy Sullivan


    That sounds great, I’ll be in for sure $100 up front. Thanks for taking the time out of your days to volunteer! We are playing together on day 1 if you are in need of any assistance.


    Awesome, Lindy! See you Monday morning! I stopped at the bank and got change so my $100 is in! Skins sheets are ready and pay sheets are ready. Running it the same way it always is. Combined skins flight 3 and 4. One big pot. It’s a Myrtle Beach World Am Tradition!

    Mike Lawson

    No takers on running the skins in Flight 40? 12.8-13.5 Mid Senior Men (60-69)

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)
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