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    Mike Morgan

    looks like the entry fee goes up $100 next year. on Facebook today it said it would be $635 to enter!


    Hey mike- not sure where you saw but that’s Probably in reference late entry fee from 2019. Price will not change much if at all in 2020. See you there!

    Jim Kavanagh

    Any changes to handicaps ? Still using last 12 months? New system is supposed to reflect current play, not potential.


    We continually re-evaluate how handicaps will be utilized for the event. Still some unknown out there since it is yet to be unveiled.

    We do know there will be a noticeable change in net scores since course rating adjustments are intertwined within course handicaps but it does not actually affect anything other than perception.

    Low 12 will still be used. In fact it puts more emphasis, not less, on low 12 as one aspect of the actual index calculation is based on that number. This is to reduce a players fluctuations for rapidly decreasing ability. “A Soft Cap and Hard Cap limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index over a rolling 12-month timeframe”. Low 12 was never utilized in any calculations before. In this new calculation, it is.

    Jim Kavanagh

    I just don’t like it. If my index averages 6.5 for the year, but I had a few extraordinary low rounds, it pushes the index down. I might report an index of 5.2 for a short two-week period that is clearly an outlier. I thought the World Am would reconsider this policy in light of of the new system with its emphasis on current probability. The soft and hard caps are designed to control sandbaggers. I think I have played my last rounds of the World Am.

    Dale Craig

    I understand the low 12 rationale, but I think previous WA performance would/should also be brought into the equation. Seeing as I am a northern resident and really don’t get to play between mid October and at the earliest mid to late April. That leaves my active golf season about 5 months long. My northern h-cap has been in the 12+/- a few strokes for years. I usually am pretty good at playing around that cap range at the club I’ve been a member at for close to 40 years. The problem comes when I play unfamiliar courses and especially when I travel to the WA. I have never come close to playing to my perceived ability and consistently place in the bottom 10 in my flight. It sure would be nice if they considered past WA performance as an additional factor in assessing handicaps.
    I am seriously also considering not playing in the WA anymore. Aside from the camaraderie and friends I have made the golf aspect is just not fun anymore. I’d be better off just taking a week long golf vacation to some other destination. I will wait and see how the new World handicap system actually works out, but regardless I would still bring my handicap from last year and know that I won’t be competitive with it, because my age related maladies are not getting better and I’m certainly not, so why bother.

    Jim Kavanagh

    Well said, Dale. I enjoy the competition, but the current handicap policy makes it a total crapshoot. I play all year in Florida and might experience a two-week run of good play that creates an index significantly lower than my average. These stats are online and available if a low round at the tournament requires an adjustment.

    The new WHS disregards potential and concentrates on current trends, thus the daily handicap updating. If I come in with a 6.5 and happen to shoot a pretty good score, it won’t happen two or three days in a row. If it does, then the World Am can enforce the adjustment feature. No big deal.

    Bob Newman

    Scott, disagree that the lowest of last 12 has not been used. The last 2to 3 years I have played my best the 6 weeks after the WA and have had he September or October index which has cost me approximately 2 shots each year. With that being said,what I played to very close to what I am capable to play too. I have said all along that I suppor the lowest of last 12 months. I would also say that it is up to every golfer to make sure everyone they play with post every score. This does not happen at a lot of clubs. I also am anxiously waiting to see how this new system plays out. The one area I think will be bentificial is you will be able to post hole by hole and let the app get it right. It also (since stableford is based in it) the golfers who play the “point system “ at home and say they can not post because they didn’t finish the hole can not post. It can’t eliminate them from poshest a higher score but at some point maybe their buddies will get them postind correctly. JMO

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