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    Rick Kimbrell

    I know this question has arisen in the past but I don’t remember the answer/outcome.
    When pairings are made for Thursday and the leaders are grouped together…there have been occasions in the past where someone who was supposed to be in the group with the leaders has taken it upon himself to move out of that grouping and played with some of his buddies in a different 4some. And, I know of at least one case where the guy was simply given a pass because “he turned in a card”…not the official card…but a card.
    Maybe I am wrong but he should have been DQ’d. He did not tee off where he was supposed to and worse those who were in contention against him had no way of knowing how he was doing. It should not be a free for all…just pick a group you want to play with and move yourself into that group, moving someone else out.
    So…Committee…should it happen again this year…what needs to be done? Will a person who does this be allowed to get away with it? BTW, in the case I mentioned…if I am not badly mistaken, the guy who did it ended up winning the flight. That is simply WRONG.


    100% Rick.

    Rule 6-3b. – In stroke play, the competitor must remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the Committee, unless the Committee authorizes or ratifies a change (which we do not). Penalty is disqualification.

    Our hands are tied if we are never informed of it. Always bring to the attention of pro shop staff & if necessary WA rules staff if you feel there has been an inaccurate ruling at the pro shop.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Something went astray then. The guy’s official scorecard that remained in the pairing he was assigned to was marked that he did not show up. He turned in a regular scorecard. And, the pro at the course was notified.
    Thank you for your reply Scott.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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