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    Paul Puckett

    How does a player with a 20.6 index going into the tournament shoot a 16.3 index the final day on the hardest course the flight plays (131 slope rating) and not get adjusted?

    Jim Kavanagh

    I wonder if the WA is using the analytics provided by Dean Knuth, the pope of slope, when making some of these handicap adjustments? I seem to recall that his work was counted on to ferret out the possible handicap cheaters, but not every outrageous score is a result of handicap cheating. It should take more than one outlier out of three or four to DQ a player, except, possibly, in the finals at the Dye Course.

    If my index is 6.0 and the course ratings are around 70 as they usually are for us, then there is some number that would indicate that I am playing beyond the potential of a 6.0 index. Let’s say I shoot 72, 78, 81, 73. It is, according to Knuth, statistically doubtful that I could put together a 72 and 73 within a span of four rounds. Four rounds of 76, right on par with a rating of 70 and an index of 6.0, would also be very doubtful.

    It seems like there were more than the usual number of handicap complaints this year. Perhaps the Committee changed their methodology.

    Paul Puckett

    That’s all good, but just looked at the leaderboard for the championship. This guy is 4 under thru 5 holes. Looks like he might just be better than he said.

    Al Beard


    I was in your flight also. I shot 92 (72) on Thursday, but poorly the first three days. I know you finished 2nd…me 24th. My reason for replying is it is possible to have a great round on a course that should be tougher. My reason is I have played it before, unlike the other 3. Could be the reason our flight winner played to a 69….not defending him, just suggesting. This whole adjustment thing I don’t agree with at all, but it’s also not my call.

    I do know that for me, the courses I played are in better shape than at home, so if I am familar with them as I am with Legends, I actually play BETTER, than my handicap indicates. Could also be true for flight 45 winner who’s last name I could not pronounce. Congratulations on your finish.

    Raymond Blank

    Mr Paul. I dont know exactly how the handicap system works the last day of flight 42. There were several players that neted 66,67. Now the way I see it. Next year these players should move to a lesser handicap. The new world handicap system ( if I read it correctly) says that a golfer (say in my flight 14 to 16 HC) should not be able to shoot 6 or 7 stroke under par. Saying that I know next year those players will be playing in a flight of the 2 lowest scores at the world am tournament. I don’t understand why those players were not adjusted Thursday after the round. I shot a 79 and got adjusted in 2017.
    I’m sure there is a reason for adjusting/ not adjusting. Just go play and have fun. Forget about weather you get adjusted or not. I played horrible but had a lot of fun, met new players and hope to see them again next year. Thumbs up to the world AM for having this tournament with all that is going on with Cov-19

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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