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    Scott Porter

    In the past there have been several individual postings for people running skins games in the different flights. Last year Scott put them all under one post and that worked really well, so I thought I would help him out and start a new post just for skins information in the different flights. If you are planning to run skins in a particular flight or looking to see who is running skins in your flight, this should be the place.

    Scott Porter

    Since we do not have course assignments yet it is difficult to say what flight I will actually be in but I should be in the Senior group around flight 19 or 20. I will be more than happy to run the skins unless someone else really has their heart set on it. Below is the basic rules I use, should be fairly consistent with most flights.

    To make it easy on everyone, especially me, it would be great if everyone who intends to participate in the skins game can pay in full on Monday. This also helps in those rarest of occasions when the pot roles over from the previous day, if you did not participate on the prior day you cannot join on that day. Skins buy-in will be $20, $20, $20 & $40 for a total of $100. For ease of scoring, I will combine both flights into one pot; this should make for nice payouts.

    Typical skins rules:
    • Birdies or better on a hole to win a skin.
    • Two birdies on a hole cuts the hole.
    • Should there be a day that all skins are cut the pot will roll over to the next day.
    • On the last day if all skins are cut, I will put all participants’ names in a hat and draw 5 winners to split the pot equally.
    Any birdies turned in for scoring should be done as follows:
    • Text a picture of your official scorecard with all signatures to my cell number. State in the text your name and hole number birdie was scored on. You may also present your scorecard prior to turning it in for the birdie pool scoring. Keep in mind the sooner I get scorecards, the sooner everyone is paid and can leave.
    • I will make sure to be at the course at least 30 minutes before we tee off each day so anyone wanting to participate in skins that day can get their money in.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
    My Information:
    Scott Porter
    Cell – 804-690-2773 (This is the number to use for texting score card.)

    David Baker

    Good day all WA golfers. I have run the skin game in my flight for the past 25 years. With tee times it is definitely more work to get those who want to play involved. When Flights are published I was thinking that it might be easier for those who desire to play to use Cash App to speed the process. I have a Condo on 70th Ave N just up from the Cain Patch Driving Range. I also have Venmo as an option. I will be in MB on the Thur before to pick up my buddy coming from Vegas. We are playing at Blackmoor on Sunday. my e mail address is DBaker7848@aol.com and my cell number is 757.580.6314. Once Flights are posted I will send out more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I was in FL 53 last year and should be close to that this year. David

    Dale Craig

    You do realize that most people probably don’t read posts on the BB and therefore any notices you post will not be seen prior to the WA.

    David Baker

    True but some will see it. Had a reasonable response last year.

    Mike Sigmon

    You be surprise how many people look at this BB and read every post

    Chandler Wells

    LOL…Mike is right, most people use it to find info and don’t reply.

    I ran the traditional skins game for Flights 12-13 last year. Should be in or near the same flight and have no issue with being there early the 1st day to run it again, if there are no complaints about last year…I think it was super smooth…Once they announce flights/courses I will post again.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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