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    BL Oliver

    Ollie here. If you need assistance, I’ll be there also.

    Dale Craig

    I can run skins for flights 26 & 27 unless someone else want to.
    Buy in will be the typical 20/20/20/40. Combined flights, 2 tie all tie. Birdies or better.

    I am going to accept buy in on Monday morning ONLY! It really became too distracting as a player to have to keep track of guys who want to pay daily and takes away time I need to warm up and practice – SORRY, but I learned this lesson the hard way the last 2 years I ran skins. So, please have cash only on Monday AM. I will be at the course by 7:00-7:15.

    I also don’t think a pull names out of a hat is a fair way to split the pot on Thursday if there are all ties. So, I will award Thursday skins to the birdies on the #1 handicap hole.

    I will also accept photos of your signed “official” card if you are unable to stick around. If this is the way I receive your scorecard, just make sure I can see your name in the photo and send it to me by 5:00PM. All skins will be paid out the following day,

    Dale Craig
    Cell Phone: 315-414-6601

    Mike Daughtry

    Is anyone going to run the skins game for Flights 30 and 31

    Scott Witman

    Has anyone heard anything about skins for flight 14/senior men 50-59 ?? Best way to reach me is eyeduegolf@aol.com. Scott W 10.1 hdcp

    David Baker

    Hello to all. I have run a skin game for 25 years and will again in flight 45. As before, 20-20-20-45. I will be at the course each day and will pay you if you hang around or aS IN THE PAST THE NEXT DAY. Look forward to seeing everyone again. I can be reached at 757-580-6314 or dbaker7848@aol.com. Look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

    Darren Yowell

    Looking for whoever is running skins in flight 13. If nobody posts here I will try and track down on Monday at international

    Michelle Livernois

    Women’s FLIGHT #56 SKINS

    •$60 for the week ($15 per day) no partial week.
    IMPORTANT: You MUST text me your FULL NAME PRIOR to tee time!
    No late entries will be accepted…. Sorry Charlie
    •Gross Birdies and Eagles will be paid out.
    •By texting me your name lets me know you want in and I will have your phone number to send results.
    •I will collect cash after the round on Monday in the clubhouse. Please Venmo or Zelle asap.
    •Each day, please text me a picture of your signed score card by 4pm.
    I will verify all birdies/eagles with posted results on the World Am website.
    •I will text the group with winners and payout amount by 9pm.
    •Money will be distributed the following day.
    **I will hold all payouts until everyone has paid. (Don’t be that gal!)
    •100% of money collected will be paid out.
    Except: Winnings will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar – Ain’t doin’ coins!!
    •Thursday skins will be paid out after Thursday’s round.
    •If no outright winner Mon, Tues or Wed – money will be carried over to the next day for a double pot.
    •If no outright winner on Thursday – Single winner will be paid by random draw from all birdies and
    eagles achieved during Thursday round. (If you birdie twice- you will have 2 chances to win!)
    Good Luck Everyone

    Michelle Livernois (301) 792-6932 Text questions/concern to this number.


    Les Robison

    Is anyone running skins for flights 38 & 39?

    Michael Salvo

    Flight 15 Skins – I’m looking for Flight 15 Skins. 781-718-7900 (msalvo68@icloud.com)

    Josh Wurzberger

    anyone doing skins for flight 5-6??


    Anyone running skins flight 8 and 9?

    Scott Porter

    I ran skins in flights 16 & 17.

    Tony Robison

    I’m also flight 5 and I’m also interested in who’s running skins for 5&6.

    don rabb

    anyone doing flight 29

    Josh Wurzberger

    If nobody says anything maybe you and I run it. $100 for the week is what I’ve always played down there. $20 each day then $40 on Thursday. Everyone pays Monday so we aren’t sitting around all week waiting for people to find us.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 131 total)
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