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    Donnie Penney

    Flights 13 & 14
    I can run the skins if needed. I ran it in 2021 when I was there last time. I’ll wait till next week to see if anyone else wants to volunteer.

    $20 – $20 – $20 – $40 for the week. Rules are the same as others. Birdie or better to win a hole if it is not cut. Daily pot split amongst winners. If no winners, rolls into the next day. No winners on the final day, drawing of five names and they split the pot.

    More details and rules posted later.

    Mike Daughtry

    Is anyone doing skins in flights 33 and 34. I did skins last year willing to do again unless someone else wants to do it. Skins $100 for week.

    Thanks Mike Daughtry

    Scott Porter

    I can run skins in flights 17 & 18 unless someone else wants to do it. I will keep an eye on this post and if no one steps up by next Wednesday I will run with it.
    I run the same rules as everyone else. To make it easy on everyone, especially me, it would be great if everyone who intends to participate in the skins game can pay in full on Monday. This also helps in those rarest of occasions when the pot roles over from the previous day, if you did not participate on the prior day you cannot join on that day. Skins buy-in will be $20, $20, $20 & $40 for a total of $100. Like most, I combine both flights into one pot; this should make for nice payouts.

    Typical skins rules:
    • Birdies or better on a hole to win a skin.
    • Two birdies on a hole cuts the hole.
    • Should there be a day that all skins are cut the pot will roll over to the next day.
    • On the last day if all skins are cut, I will put all participants’ names in a hat and draw 5 winners to split the pot equally.
    Any birdies turned in for scoring should be done as follows:
    • Bring the official scorecard with all signatures on it prior to turning it in to the Pro shop to me for the birdie pool scoring. Keep in mind the sooner I get scorecards, the sooner everyone is paid and can leave.
    • I will be at the course on the first day by 7:00am to give everyone a chance to get registered and paid. I will also make sure to be at the course at least 30 minutes before we tee off each day so anyone wanting to participate in skins that day can get their money in.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
    My Information:
    Scott Porter
    Cell – 804-637-8391 (This is my cell number so you can text questions as well as email.)

    Chandler Wells

    👍 for Ken Delaney, nice game. I’ve grown older and 50-59 now. And hope my guys feel the same! Have a great week fellas!

    Michelle Livernois

    Women’s Flight 58
    I can run the skins game for our flight again.
    $15 per day = $60 for the week. No single day…full week only.
    Look for purple sheet on your cart Monday morning for full info.

    See yall soon!!


    Darren Yowell

    Donnie. Glad to help you with skins if needed in flight 13 and 14
    Assume you will collect day 1?
    My email is hoomanchew@yahoo.com and cell is 434 429 8231 if you need assistance
    If you are goid to go just let me know where you will becin day 1 to day
    Darren Yowell

    Andreas Mealey

    Flights 49-50 I (Andy Mealey) will be happy to run a skins game for BOTH flights combine
    it is the following cost 15,15,20 n 25 the last day total of $75 payable on Monday if possible
    but will take daily. this will be my 33rd or 34th year don’t know for sure but it’s one of the two.
    Have run skin games the last 20some years n will be there early every day especially Monday.
    Gross skins only NO NET I need to see WAM score-card with both signatures. Payouts that day or next
    morning if you can’t stay. Must stay around on Thursday or we will drink your winnings.

    dan westenbarger

    Hey Mike in in flights 33-34 glad to hear you want to do the skins I ran them for years and really don’t want to anymore.Do you plan to run both flights together?that’s how I always done them it just makes for a better pay day.I have seen where some guys are going to raise the daily fee up to 25 or 30 with 50 on Thursday.just some info for you what ever you decide is good by me.if you should need any help I’m available.Thanks for doing it.

    James Carter

    Hi Scott Porter. Did you mean you were doing skins for flight 17 & 18? Flight 16 has the same courses as flight 17 but the days are different. Just checking because I’m in flight 16 and hadn’t seen anyone doing skins yet.

    James Carter

    My apologies Scott. I guess I read the post wrong.


    Is anyone going to run the skins in flight 29 & 30

    Bill Hambrick

    Is anyone running skins in flt 41/42. How about you Tom. I will help if you do it.

    Tom McCain

    I’ll run skins in flights 41/42. 20/20/20/40 with gross skins paid out. If no skins won, carry over the next day but if you didn’t play the previous day, gotta pay for both days. WA scorecard with 2 signatures required. I’m always in the clubhouse bar area to pay out. WILL NOT PAY OUT A PREVIOUS DAYS SKINS. It’s your responsibility to find me the day of. I’d like feedback before the event on whether to split or combine both flights. 704-401-7255 you can text me with your thought. Bring change. 1, 5,10. Helps at payout. And remember to tip your bartender and skins guy. It’s a pain to do this sometimes. Thanks

    Bill Hambrick

    Run them together. It is too much work to do it separately. The pay out will be better to.

    Lindy Sullivan

    Anyone have a plan for flights 3-4? I am not that guy, but willing to help out if need be for whoever is.

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