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    Ken Delaney

    Well, registration opens February 15th and the price is $629 until March 21st.
    This is the “early bird” special for the golf enthusiasts who can’t wait to sign up. And yet again, another increase.

    I just have to ask “why”??? I know what to expect when/if I get an answer to this but honestly, it doesn’t matter what it’ll be. Because we will hear “prices are up for most other things, golf fees, food, wages for help (blah blah blah), but c’mon, this is how many increases in the last ~5 years??

    Let me state this point: What are you offering in light of the increase?? To our knowledge, nothing.. just the same old product as before (not a complaint about the product, just the value). I would find this easier to digest (price increases) if you would boost the incentive. You know we will complain (whether you care or not), so why not butter our biscuit and enhance the sale in some way?? There has to be something that would make most of us say “the price went up to $629, BUT THIS YEAR you get etc etc, etc.

    Don’t mind me on my soap box. Just adding a little conversation to an otherwise “quiet board” right now.

    Billy Burwick

    My first thought was, Is this dude really complaining about a $30 increase year over year? $629 is still a great value for the week.

    Please show me anything of substance that doesn’t cost more than it did last year or the year before?

    Last year the Shirt was definetly an upgrade over the year prior.

    Mike Sigmon

    Well at 629.00 that comes out to be $ 157.25 for each course you play there are a few courses I’ve had in past draws like The Pearl golf links, Azalea Sands, Tigers Eye G.C., Crown Park..I could go on but sure you getting the idea. These and a lot more or not courses I would go and pay 157 bucks to play at anytime..
    And just say you are lucky enough to win your flight the gift card you get will not even get you a new driver I for one see Ken’s point each year the price goes up but everything else stays the same for the main people who’s coming and supporting the event…3200 x 629 comes out to a rather larger number.

    Lindy Sullivan

    I am ok with the increase, because we have fun every year. However the 19th hole is not what it once was. Seems to be getting less and less each year. Last year Sucked to be honest, only got to play two rounds out of 4 and the only compensation was rain checks that I most likely will not use. I guess it is what it is. But I will be back!

    Samuel Smith

    My 2 cents, I’ve only been coming for 4 years, but for the first three it went up $50 each year. This year just $30, some improvement, I guess.

    Bobby Grant

    I don’t remember ever playing in a golf tournament where 1st place prize is lower than the entry fee

    david tiano

    Bobby Grants message says it all.


    All – I say it every year. You spend what we have to spend. You won’t find a deal better for what you get because we aren’t here to make money. We’re here to give you an experience at cost which we feel passionate you can’t find a better deal anywhere on the planet.

    Nothing has gone down in price in this world but we’re proud to say in 2016 this event cost $525 and has only gone up $104 (20%) since then. My trusty inflation calculator says items that cost $525 back then costs $666 now.

    Hope to see everyone this August.

    John Tantillo

    I think it’s a fantastic deal, and remember value is only what one is willing to pay. If one doesn’t value something then one should not pay (I’m not paying thousands of dollars for a piece of art, but plenty will!) So if it’s too high priced for anyone then they may find an alternative. And as far as first place being lower than the entry fee, take a look at most clubs’ member-guest events with all the food and beverage–I know ours costs at least double what the potential prizes are. F&B are not free.

    Robert Friend

    I really don’t understand all the moaning and groaning about this tournament. With exception of the weather which no one can control, this event provides play on good courses, lots of prizes, (I won a free pair of golf shoes last year that are awesome) nice gift bag with merchandise I am using, chances to play for a championship, food, drink and entertainment every night, gambling if you so choose, and the chance to make new friends from across the country (which I have both years that I have attended). If you don’t see the fun and value in this event then don’t attend. No one is forcing you on this nice golf vacation and if you can find a better deal take it! My only complaint is that I wasn’t smart enough to attend this event years earlier. Can’t wait for August!

    ron hubert

    I have been coming for almost 30 years. As a hole the tournament dose a great job. Trust me I do not like to pay more every year. But that being said this is the best value for what you get. do you forget about the gift bag and the value of the golf and the new people you meet.
    this is not just a golf tournament but a social event. let’s take a look at what you get a gift bag 4 rounds of golf and you get free food and drink at the 19 holes. so, I will be coming back as long as I am able. as far as the prize money that would be a bonus.

    John Tantillo

    Just did the math. In 2002 the entry fee was $425. With nominal 1.5% inflation per year one should expect this year to cost $600. Pretty fair IMO. Have been playing off and on since 1994.

    Rick Kimbrell

    My first year was 1988. Hopefully this will be my 37th CONSECUTIVE year. Have not missed a year since I started. Heart issues will be the only reason if I do miss this year. You cannot divide the cost by 4 (number of rounds) to compare the cost to what you can play if not in tournament. This event is much more than just 4 rounds of golf. If that is all you come for, you are missing out on a lot more. At this tournament, if you let yourself, you can make lifelong friends from all over the world. You look forward every year to seeing them again. 4 rounds of golf with your buddies does not have the same competitive nature of this tournament. As Ron Hubert said above, this is a social event. Come, take it all in, enjoy it, let yourself have fun. It is worth every dollar I spend every year.

    garnet walter

    I have only played in a few Ams, and have always had a great time. It is unfortunate that the huge number of entries force the use of many sub par conditioned courses. Imagine getting Caledonia, River Club, Myrtlewood Pine Hills, and Crown Park in your rotation, and then having Caledonia getting rained out. Makes playing Crown Park less palatable when you lose the top course in your rotation. Would much sooner play with half of the participants, and playing only the top half of the available courses. You cannot beat the camaraderie, and the hospitality from the tournament hosts. Scott, and the group do a great, tireless job.

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