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    Josh Wurzberger

    The app won’t let me get a new password. I have no idea what numbers my password is supposed to be. Please help I want the app back!! Thanks.


    Same problem with me Josh. Your password was sent out with your handicap return form. I inadvertently put mine in the trash bin so I had to call them up to get my password number. The app does not have the message board on it

    david tiano

    Guys Check your old emails from early in the summer before registration. The World AM sent out an email with our player ID’s and password so we were ready to sign up. I received that email on April 21.


    Hey guys we won’t put any of your information on the web so if you ever need help email, call 1-800-833-8798 or click forgot password.

    John Cossaboom

    I guess the problem I was having with the app can be traced back to the phone itself. Downloaded it on another phone and it works great.

    Tom McGeehan

    Boomer, did you borrow a phone, or do you have multiple phones? I can only afford one phone and it worked.
    See you Sunday evening.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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