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    Kevin Finn

    Is their anyone out there that appreciates what these folks do for us

    John Cossaboom

    I certainly do. The headaches of dealing with all these golfers, AND Harry.

    jim mcdaniel

    The way to show your appreciation is at check in. Shake every worker and volunteers hand and say thank you. Then tell them you are sorry they have to put up with people like Harry.

    Terry Cornelius

    Maybe we can all volunteer to pour a bucket of ice water over Harry’s head at the Convention Center. I’m sure the Tournament Committee and all the volunteers would appreciate that.

    John Cossaboom

    Terry, I like it!

    Tom McCain

    100% Kevin. They do a wonderful job and those that gripe should attempt to pull this of every year. 13 years this year and if I’d have known of it early on, would have been here from the start. Enjoy seeing my golf buddies and having a great time!!


    Thanks a lot guys its good to see that I am loved by so many. I would have had a quick witty retort but it took me a day an a half to log in. Just couldnt work out the secret password eight + four =. Dang took me that long to find my calculator but I suppose its ok for you guys thats an easy one to count on your hands as you all have six fingers

    Joe Busch


    For all the heartache they cause? If it weren’t for the folks at the World Am, I wouldn’t waste my entire year counting the days until the 9:00am start on August 26th, where upon I will proceed to embarrass myself on golf courses I have never seen before; and to top it off, I am force to eat all the wonderful food and drinks every night at the convention center. Not to mention the gathering together of other great golfers to tell the tales of my wonderful rounds of golf, only to be caught in a lie when they produce the score sheets for each flight and my name is always at the bottom. And before you know it, it is Friday, and you are heading out to play in some crazy consolation round and spend half the time trying to calculate how many days till the next year’s World Am…..

    Yeah, I will have to think awfully hard about appreciating Scott’s Tremendously Talented Team. They may start to get grandiose ideas of starting a smaller event in March to make me travel all the way back to Myrtle again… Oh wait they already did that, those dirty rotten Bast****!!

    Joe B.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Yep, I definitely appreciate what all the folks with the World Am do. I missed the first couple of years. Did not know about it and when I finally did come, I played so bad I swore I would never come again. Well, I did…the very next year and have not missed a year since. I have seen this thing grow and grow and grow. Because of this event, the Convention Center had to be enlarged. I have met many of the folks who currently work the World Am and quite a few who are no longer around (or at least I never see them).
    The staff and volunteers do a great job. As much as I love golf, I would want their jobs. I do not have the patience to put up with much of the BS I hear from people who have no clue what it takes to organize and run a golf event, let alone an event that is 40 times larger than any golf event I have put on myself.
    Thank you World Am staff for making what will be my 30 years this year memorable.

    tommy seymour

    World Am Staff ? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This Tourney puts all us Hackers on an even field to compete and THE 19th HOLE IS THE BEST!! You guys RAWK !!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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