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    I have the greatest golf league in the world. Over 100 players with 100 ways to win cash and prizes

    Entry Fee is only $60 for 44 weeks of play

    First week of play is the US Open in 2 weeks time.

    For more information contact Harry_s_radley@yahoo.com 317 652 6063

    Harry The Hacks H2H 2021 …. Password (H2H)


    Join Today to enjoy a year full of fantasy golf entertainment


    There is still time to jump into the greatest Fantasy Golf League on the planet bar none.

    We kick off session 1 in 7 days time with the US Open where I will be giving a $100 golf package away out of my own pocket

    To join go to https://buzzfantasygolf.com and register as a member

    Join a private league – Harry The Hacks H2H 2021 …. password (H2H)

    Select 3 x A, 3 x B, 3 x C players prior to the start of US Open and wait till Sunday to collect your winnings

    How easy is that. Already 103 payers entered with over 100 ways to win cash and prizes

    Only $60 for 44 weeks of fun and side games all inclusive

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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