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    William Zeoli

    First off, so many thanks to the WA staff for running a great event and even more thanks to the fellows I played with for extending friendship and sportsmanship all week. Now to my story.

    On Wednesday I played at Legends/Heathland in Flight 52, old guys with a smattering of ability. I met three wonderful guys, Bob Landry, from South Carolina, Lonnie Brauner, from Texas and Frank Puccio, from Pennsylvania. On the 12th tee Lonnie noticed a tattoo on my arm of a hockey stick and the number 21. He asked if I was into hockey and I explained that we lost a grandson, a hockey player, about 15 months ago on the eve of his 22nd birthday. When they gently asked me what happened I explained that he stumbled into a culvert walking on campus late at night striking his head and was not found until the next morning. All three of the guys were quite upset at the story and consoled me. I then teed it up and said to my grandson. “Doug, I’m not going to talk about you anymore today, but I’m going to put he best swing on this ball that I can in your honor”. Well, and this is gospel, I hit it flush, it went high and straight, hit a small rise on the side of the green then rolled in for a Hole In One. I cannot tell you how incredible that felt and, even better, how Bob, Lonnie and Frank reacted. After the hugs, handshakes and thanks from all of them for one of the great stories of our lives, we continued the round then enjoyed some of the most delicious cold beers ever.

    One more thank you as well. The skins pool was run by a gentleman named Larry Snider, nicknamed Rabbit. I had never met this fellow before, nor had I met his friend, John, but I will tell you that they as well were so nice to me after the round. Just another example of why we play this wonderful game.

    Thanks boys, looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

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