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    Tony Robison

    This was our second year of taking advantage of the B&B lounge. Although the price fell from $299 to $199, we were very disappointed with the offerings. The offerings in 2021 were a much better value, better food, better experiences, etc. The only difference I could tell between the “Fast Pass” and the B&B Lounge was the “gift” box, which was a waste. I mean who’s idea was a poster? are we 13 year olds? AS someone who purchases alot of giveaway items, this wasn’t worth the cost difference of a fast pass. Last year we had access to multiple massages, this year we got a pass for 1 massage, last year we had daily drawings, swing analysis and better food options.

    As someone who attended the WA consecutively from 1984 (Rawlings Golf) until the late 90″s (CoolMax/Dupont years) and sporadically since, I’ve seen the quality of exhibitors go down.

    The best offering, in my opinion was the year you could sign up for a whiskey/bourbon tasting/class presented by Jim Beam. Why couldn’t you have something similar to make the VIP experience really special

    The 3 of us that signed up for VIP have decided we will not go that route again. It’s just not worth the value received.

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    Hi Tony- thank you for the feedback. The price was reduced based on player feedback from 2021 and we will again adapt with continued feedback we receive like yours here.

    With a price reduction of course comes some receivables reductions… though we did our best to replace nearly all that value. IE: Reduced massages to 1 per person, but added the fast pass. Removed the random giveaways which only reached 10 people and swapped in for a gift bag which reached everyone.

    The lounge vs. fast pass comes with the private area, short lines, better seating, flight to win prizes, etc. If this was not known we need to do better communicating. I don’t know if you missed it but each night we had a tasting of high end spirits such as Don Julio Primavera and Orphan Barrel 24 year.

    Appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve as best we can!

    Walter White

    Sorry for the late post.
    My main reason for going to VIP is that I have a 1 in 300 chance of winning my entry fee next year. Not bad odds!
    I enjoyed it this year, the spirit tastings were really good. Cost me though, had to go get a bottle of the Orphan Barrel. lol
    The fast pass was a plus! long lines at some stations, but fast pass line only had a couple. very good!
    I did miss the swing analysis.
    See ya’ll next year!

    Walter White

    Scott, will the Blade and Bow be back this year?
    Hope so.

    Billy Burwick

    Hmmm I thought it was available but see it’s not there ATM.

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