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    Joe Busch

    Yes, blame the World Am for releasing the course assignments, there are now 3,000+ golfers scouring the internet to get screen shots of the 18 holes on all four assigned courses, slowing the internet to a crawl; job productivity will be diminished for the next five days as we close our office doors and work on our swing plane, and there is rumor the sun will disappear at some point today!

    SO, Blame it on the World Am!

    But thanks for my courses — Legends Moorland, Rivers Edge (the place were I won a dollar from our departed friend Gary Bedenik for not getting a 10 on hole #9), Indian Wells, and Long Bay.

    Safe travels all!

    Bill Majercin

    Same courses Joe, any tips other than staying out of rough? Are you running skins?

    Bob Newman

    You are lucky. In the short time I knew Gary, I was never able to win anything off him. I was able to witness his Hole In One at Pine Lakes and he did indeed buy me a Diet Coke. doubt he ever showed anyone that ball as it was probably the worst looking ball I have ever seen, he did not even take it out of play. (he was having a bad day that day and was reaching deep into the old ball compartment). Thanks for mentioning a truly remarkable man and a “good friend” to everyone he met.

    Joe Busch

    I made him sign the bill and still have it! Though I have to admit, I lost many more to him. I stayed with his group at a condo for a couple years and they always made me feel welcome, Gary was a real prankster but it was always in fun. He is the only person who has ever told me I was a horrible golfer! I had to agree with him and we laughed all the time.

    We both got back to the condo early one year and he kept getting my beers out or the fridge. Then when the guy Henry gets back he tells him, ‘Joe was drinking all your beer.” I do miss him and his emails that would flow out leading to the event.


    tommy seymour

    Sitting here in Hartwell,Ga (my home) waiting for the day to become night then day again ! So I was just wondering , since we have an extra day and night , I believe the WA CLOCK is WRONG !! Should be ‘5’ days to go not ‘6’ days ! Wouldn’t want anyone to get ‘DQ’d’ on a technicality for missing assigned tee times ! Like Mr Busch says ‘Blame it on the WA!” 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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