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    Glenn Foster

    We’ve been dealing with ht. indexes of 100-110 through July-Aug.; until last week! We’ve had 7-9 inches of rain over the last 10 days here in Calabash area.
    M.B. got 10+ inches in one day last week, and daily rains are prohibiting some of the courses to drain much. (Prepare for cart path only and muddy everywhere.) If the forecast is correct, we could be in for lift, clean & place most days.
    Bugs/Mosquitos!! These varmints will have their 10 day larvae-hatch time period so get you some good bug repellent and the best rain gear you can afford.
    At least the tropics don’t seem to be brewing anything to make it worse! So let’s make the best of it. Prepare for the wet and take one extra club everyone.
    Good luck to all that are coming down.


    Is it really that bad down there? I read about the huge amount of rain they got last week.

    Ed Guertin

    Played Crown Park yesterday. Course was very wet, some bunkers were still full of water. Yep, bugs were out as an added bonus! Now, today the sun is finally out so things will be drying out, hopefully?

    Tony Robison

    River Club was fine today. Greens just sanded. Sea Trails Jones was wet, cart path only, grass hasn’t been cut yet in many places. Greens were spotty but patted smooth but grainy. Will play Long Bay tomorrow


    Played manowar today,90 degree cart rule,course in good shape

    Curt Seviour

    Played Norman yesterday cart path only bunkers wasted. It should dry out as long as the is no more rain. Played Dye today a few cart restrictions but not bad other than bunkers but they were working on them. First time playing there and wasent that impressed looks like at one time it was a great track.

    James Carter

    Hopefully they will cut Sea Trails – Jones before Monday.

    Michael Meadows

    I play River Club Monday. So your telling me we have to play on sanded greens?

    Jason Miller

    Tony, how’s Long Bay look?

    World Am Staff

    The area has seen widespread rainfall that was significant in areas. Cart path only will likely be in play for many courses. Golf courses are working very hard to get courses in top shape for tournament action this week.

    eddie johnson

    Get some practice with that sand wedge, Meadows. You maight need it a little more

    Curt Seviour

    Played Shaftesbury glen today cart path only but was in great shape. They were busting ass mowing and getting it ready.What a nice track sorta out in the middle of nowhere. There doing alot of building around it.

    Tony Robison

    It look good for the most part. Greens have been sanded but not cut yet. They putted smooth anyway. Fairways and traps were in good shape. Rough is thick to the point it will be difficult to do anything except punch out. All in all Long Bay is in good shape

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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