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    Something to think about, could you put the two Gross Flights on the same course together? Last year we had 9 flights of 49 and under and 15 flights in the Senior Divisions. Apparently there are some guys that don’t want to play skins against the scratch guys. Just throwing that out there to think about for this year or next.

    Mike Cheeseman



    I do have a question I am playing in the Super Seniors and if I pay money for skins is that for the flight I’m playing in for that day and pay again the next day for skins?

    james mcdaniel

    Depends on who is running your skins game. Some collect daily and some for the week. Usually the 2 flights on the course are sooo very close in handicap, they just combine the game but others keep them separate.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Once the WA started putting 2 flights on the same course on same day, when I have run the skins…I combine both flights. I will not do them separately. For those that want their flight done separately from the other one…they would have to find another person to run the skins. It is too much of hassle to separate them.
    I let people pay for the entire week or just pay for one day at a tine. However, let’s say you did not get in skins on Monday and there was no winner (have not had that happen) and then you want in on Tuesday…you would have to pay for both Monday and Tuesday because the pot would be for both days combined.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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