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    bobby myers

    No refunds will be made if the tournament is canceled or shortened due to weather, nature or act of God. I found this under the tournament cancellation policy. It seems to me that the current situation would fall under nature or act of god. This seems you would have to cancel before the tournament committee does to only lose 50$. It also seems that the committee would make a decision before may 15 as that is the day the raffle for early entries is to take place. This is going on the assumption that they don’t want to give out that large amount of prizes and not have tournament. How wrong are these thoughts


    Hey Bobby – Obviously we can’t predict the future but we hope to have an update prior to the May 14 deadline.

    This would fall under ‘act of god’ but we are going to do everything in our power to provide a safe tournament experience no matter what it ends up looking like.

    We are also still planning to give away the early entry prizes. Hope this helps a little bit.

    Tommy Briggs

    I think that people’s opinions and fears are largely a result of where they live and the severity of their situation there.

    Where I live (North Florida) courses never closed, we never had our first case until April and restaurants are already reopened. (They were only closed for two weeks). Where I live there has not been any changes to our lifestyle. To me the Covid virus is a news item not much different than an earthquake in California. Newsworthy but just does not affect me.

    I played in the March Championship and cannot imagine any situation where the World Am would be cancelled. I think there will be some changes in our lives that will continue long after the virus is gone. I think the changes in golf will be minimal. The changes we are seeing are minimal now and will be hardly visible in a few months. The biggest change I see potentially will be with the 19th hole. What changes will be made remain to be seen, and by August we may not even see a change.

    I am an optimist anyway so I look forward to seeing everyone in August.

    david tiano

    I like others have not paid until the committee makes us feel that we will not lose any money for an event that might not happen. As the world has evolved into “what is the cancellation policy” because of a virus or other issues people need to feel protected that they are getting what they paid for and not getting charged something for an event that doesn’t happen as money is tight.

    I understand a policy to charge us money if WE back out but to charge us when YOU cancel is unfair.

    My thoughts.

    Tommy Briggs

    I have not seen Scott or the “committee” post anything specifically that says if the World Am cancels the tournament we would not receive a 100% refund. I would be extremely disappointed if the World Am cancelled the tournament and did not offer a 100% refund.

    I am prepared for changes to the tournament format, specifically changes to the 19th hole, (which is why I started this thread) but I think any changes we experience with the World Am this year are probably going to become the standard for golf and life going forward.

    I think we are going to lose some people who decide that any risk is enough to keep them home. I also think we might see some changes that cause some people to stay home. I am very confident in Scott and his staff’s ability to produce a tournament that will exceed expectations. I play over 30 tournaments in a year and think Scott and his staff are as good as they come.


    The ‘act of god’ policy is meant for dire circumstances. Plans A,B,C,D,E,F come before that but it would be imprudent to make a promise otherwise as unlikely as we believe that scenario is. Golf serving as a safe haven bodes well.

    As you can tell we’re not promoting registering. We are sharing blogs & videos to keep everyone thinking about us. Your educated decision to register is as important as our decisions about changes moving forward. Both will require time and thought.

    victor chiofolo

    Your comment is concerning. I joined prior to this Virus blowing up. It seems “that your not promoting” comment seems like if you cancel the tournament that we wouldn’t get a full refund. I feel confident that things will work out. I have been playing in the worldam for close to 25yrs. We come with a very big group and would like to know really what the worldam stance is at the moment. Not the wait and see comment. My group is coming no matter what and we will look to get other groups to play a mini tournament if the worldam is going to play games with refunds. I look forward to your response

    Lee Hooper

    Seems to me if there is a cancellation that any moneys would carry over to next years tournament. Its like a rain out, you get a round the next year on that course.


    Victor – We appreciate your long standing support. That was not at all my intent. Not promoting the event is to not be tone deaf. Marketing a deadline to register when livelihoods are in question would leave a bad taste. We are starting to see the light but we still have to plan out the after effects.

    My main point was to say the act of god policy is there for dire circumstances (reserved mainly for extreme weather so that policy will not change). For this situation, we have time to enact plans A,B,C,D,E,F before ever retaining entry fees. That is not in anyone’s best interest.

    At the end of the day this is a golf tournament. And we intend to have one.

    victor chiofolo

    Thanks Scott for clarifying. Look forward to playing in the tournament. Especially this year!

    Mark Hancock

    Like many, I plan on playing this year but I am going to hold off from registering so we can get a better handle on the situation. For me, it is not so much about the money and refund as it is about health and the confidence of remaining healthy. Hopefully, the covid-19 situation will continue to clear out and we will all feel safe at the tournament.

    Given the crises, I do believe we can all expect a lower turn out this year and maybe not quite the energy that we are use.

    Danny Fox

    I fell that if it is cancelled this would not fall under “Act of God”. I think your entry fee should be refunded or applied to next years WA.

    William Zeoli

    We all want to play, of course. We have 11 people in our group. Some of us have already paid and some of us are waiting to see what the World Am folks have for a decision. Please, fellow golfers, do not suggest that the monies be held over until next year. That is very short sighted. People get sick, people get injured, people get divorced, people go broke, and, sadly, people die. I’m positive the committee doesn’t want the hassle of returning funds.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey William,
    I think Scott’s comment above said it all “At the end of the day this is a golf tournament. And we intend to have one”.

    I have paid and I am ready to go….I do think we will be playing this year maybe not as many people as last year I’m guess 1800 is gonna be the number this year…hope I’m wrong and we see 3200 again as that would be like old times and would make it seem as things were back to normal but there again I thing normal may be a long way off yet 🙁

    Tommy Briggs

    The World Am is a business, it is not a one time charity event it is one in a series of tournaments run by Myrtle Beach Golf. They are far more interested in making sure the golf tournament happens than we as individuals are.

    Just speculation on my part but I think we will see 75% of the US players there this year, but I suspect only 25-30% of the International field.

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