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    I’m going to butt in here. Not with any public decisions but to say I appreciate the constructiveness of this thread. As much as we try to make decisions on our own we need feedback too.

    And your kind words about our staff. Ryan and Chad (Jeff still too!) are about as passionate about the game as can be. Our events are a reflection of their service level and dedication. Anyone who has interacted with them I think would attest. We’re glad we’ve earned your trust.

    And Tommy this event couldn’t be held anywhere else! That’s why we love it! But if we were to venture out, we’re thinking Casa de Campo. Subtle shoutout to our new pairs competition grand prize. What a beautiful place!!

    For the time being our team will go back to the 7 P’s! Can’t wait to add that to my resume. We have done our best to balance having patience in decision making with your right to know what lies ahead. News will be coming very soon.

    Bill Majercin

    Wondering about players who already paid our entry fee, will we be reimbursed for the the difference between what we paid and the $435.00 fee? Still coming to WA either way.


    A $100 refund is an option, please check your e-mail for more details or call us at 1-800-833-8798.

    Bruce Friend

    I just want to compliment Scott and the rest of the team on making good decisions and in my 5 years of attending, it is a great event that is very well run. Yes, it isn’t perfect but organizing and pulling off this thing every year is an enormous undertaking and I’ve yet to see one thing in which WAM hasn’t tried to do the right thing.

    Most likely I will not attend this year due to a compromised immune system and I can’t take the chance being around unfamiliar environments and people. I am counting down the days for WAM 2021 if I do miss this year.

    Bruce Agee

    The World Am is an awesome tournament and Scott and the whole team do a fantastic job every year. This is only our third year being involved due to financial reasons but now this is the every year bucket list item from now own. As far as 19th Hole being cancelled it is what it is as for safety concerns. The tournament will still be a huge success as always and a lot of fun should be had by all. This is our yearly vacation to the beach and a little golf is an added bonus. Looking forward to seeing all soon. Keep up the great work.

    Bill Majercin

    No matter what happens with 19th hole still am coming down from Arizona. Thinks it’s my 7th or 8th year to come down. 19th hole is important however seeing friends I’ve meet over the last 7-8 year’s is the most important thing about coming. These are friends I’ve continued to keep in contact with.
    Is it possible to use the $100 credit on entrance fee to use for Pre Tournament? Would like to see what pre tournaments are available on Sunday before WA.
    Thanks again Scott and all your staff.


    Thanks Bill. Appreciate you. Unfortunately, our system can’t move the money that way. I’d just request the refund and go ahead and sign up for the skins game.

    Walter White

    Just my .02. Seems fair price to pay since they did reduce it more. it was already reduced for early entry. You will be paying the same for the chance to win the world AM as you did before, which should be the reason for entering. There is cheaper golf in Myrtle, but not the Competition and Camaraderie here with past friends and players.
    People who never cared about the 19th hole always paid their entry fee and never mentioned about over paying because they did not use the 19th hole.
    Now we have this mess going on and Scott and crew are doing their best to play the World AM. My opinion is that they need our (players) support more this year more than before. They work hard to make this happen every year and probably harder this year. One year with out the 19th hole is not that bad. I will miss it too.
    However, everyone has different opinions, just my observation. All I know for sure, the more that do not go in my flight, I am that much closer to winning my flight;)
    I hope everyone and their Families stay healthy.
    Thanks for the Hard work Scott.

    Ken Weatherford

    I am going to add my two-cents worth. You never see the pros cancelling their tournaments, unless they cannot play at all. Wonder if the sponsors get their money back? lol I have never seen a sports event, concert, on any other venue where the sponsor keeps everything when the event is not held. The WAM is the only place I know of. I believe Covid is an except, rather than the rule. Rain is an act of God, at least to those that are believers. Rain, to me, is just an event that occurs due to climate change and our own pollution. Covid-19 is not our fault, nor do I consider it an act of God. I believe it is an act of man. Anyway, my point is that there should be no reason to not credit players’ entries towards the next year, if the event is not held at all. We all spend a lot of money for the event, not to mention airfare, accomodations, food, and entertainment to be in Myrtle Beach. Not getting a refund, or at least a credit of some kind, is a real slap in the face when people are already hurting financially. If it happens to me, I won’t participate anymore. I can find a lot of other tournaments to travel to and play in, without losing my money.

    Ron Miller

    I fully understand the current decisions. Quite sure that all is being done to promote a successful golfing experience and a safe one. I wonder if some sort of coupon book could be developed with Myrtle Beach vendors to substitute for their participation at the 19th. hole?

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