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    Ken Delaney

    Just sitting here about to leave work and I’m thinking “Damn I’d like to know where I am playing!!!” lol

    My guess/prediction/hope is:

    River Hills
    Barefoot Norman
    MBN West
    Pawley’s Plantation

    Some I haven’t played yet, one I have and one i love…

    Getting close!!!!!!!

    Josh Wurzberger

    I would love to play Caledonia. I’ve gotten it my first year but was rained out after 6 holes. I pray to the good lord every night for it 🙂

    pat foreman

    As a guy coming in from out of town (like 80% of us) I like it when the world am waits to send out course assignments. I cant play practice rounds anyway, so why give the locals the advantage of playing practice rounds for two weeks?

    david tiano

    I am with Kenny and sorry Josh, in years past if you draw Caledonia you usually get some below standard other courses. Last Year flight 35-36 had Indian Wells, Caledonia, Legends Parkland and Sea Trail Byrd. Now I love Parkland but the other two are not good at all.

    Kenny, Since were in the same flight I would like to see.
    Barefoot Norman (never Played)
    Pawley’s Plantation (Love it)
    Heather Glen (great layout)
    Farmstead (always fun)

    Rick Kimbrell

    Interesting comment David about Indian Wells and Sea Trail Byrd. I never cared for Indian Wells but it had nothing to do with the conditions of the course. I just did not like the layout. Never played it when it was in bad shape or better than most mid-tier daily fee courses where I live. Same could be said for Byrd. So, why are they not good…in your estimation?

    david tiano

    I totally agree that most if not all of the 52 golf courses are better than some of my mid level courses in my home area of Tampa Florida. I am not calling them out as bad courses just ones that on the list of 52, and only on that list alone would I say they are in the bottom third of the list.

    John Cossaboom

    Indian Wells when it’s wet is a bear. It certainly derailed my game two years ago.. Funny, because I played a practice round there a couple of days prior (before the monsoon) and it was fun.

    Jay Seifert

    I agree with John C and would point out that it’s really the WEATHER more than it would be either of those two individual courses. Having a place in Myrtle for the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to play many if not all of the course on the WAs courses and can say for a FACT that both Byrd and Wells are “tough MFers to play in HEAVY rains” as neither of those tend to drain well in heavy, heavy rains.

    Unfortunately, heavy rains can be part of the equation for the time of the year this event is held so that aspect is not isolated solely those courses. The WA team has removed the worst (IHMO) courses from the draw. I remember (trying) to play East’s Nest in near Hurricane conditions. It simply was not possible. Water pooled on EVERY green and the course pro was REFUSING to sound the horn. They literally told us to “move the ball around in an equal distance until we found a somewhat dry path to the hole”. Luckily they did eventually cancel the round but it wasn’t until about 50% of the players refused to play.

    To return to the original subject matter of this thread…
    I noticed that we had gotten over 3K players (3007 was the highest I saw) and are now back down to 3004 & the WA usually only adjusts downward once we are getting closer to the FINAL counts and course distribution so I have my fingers crossed that we may see them as early as this evening!

    C’Mon WA course dice, papa needs a new pair of shoes…ah, er… of excellent MB courses like Tidewater, Pawleys, Grand Dunes & Glenn Dornach LOL

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 8 months ago by Jay Seifert.
    Aaron Ellis

    Jay, I agree that Eagle Nest can be a mess when it rains, cause the greens puddle in places and some holes hold water, but overall the last handful of times I have played Eagle Nest when its dry the course is actually in pretty good shape and I play well there for some reason! But with that being said, I can name off a ton of courses that hold water if there is a downpour! Eagle Nest, Azalea Sands, Diamondback, Crown Park, Colonial Charters, River Oaks, Indian Wells, International Club can get flooded in areas, Indigo Creek, Shaftebury Glen and others, a lot of it depends on how much rain comes down at once, but I have heard from my parents who live in Myrtle Beach that they have had rain almost every day for the past 2 weeks and looks like they are in a wet pattern, so there could be several soft courses for the World Am!

    Josh Wurzberger

    Thanks for the bad news Aaron! With my crazy good play as of late coming in at 5.2 I will probably be playing tips with no roll. I sure hope we stay under 7000 yds. If it rains everyday my wife will not be happy dealing with kids in the condo every day!! Who cares I’m playing golf (hopefully!)

    John Cossaboom

    Weeellll. We’re waiting!


    Im hoping for

    Captain Hook
    Jurassic Adventure
    Treasure Island
    Cancun Lagoon

    Ryan Stratulate

    We got a real problem here!!! I keep refreshing my email and WA app yet I don’t have my course assignments yet! 😉 j/k Looking forward to coming down for some great courses and good friends. I have even trained my liver quite well this year so I am ready for anything (maybe not as many Captian Mellow’s @ River City Cafe though)

    I’m gonna guess the following courses for me….

    Prestwick (cause it follows me around no matter what flight I am in)

    and then 3 based on geography

    Sandpiper Bay
    Kings North


    Must be getting close. The Past Results option has dissappeared from the menu option. the update is almost upon us

    Greg Davis

    Liked the old days when you could hack the system and see your courses early!!

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