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    Bill Ashley

    Arcadian Shores
    Wachesaw Plantation East
    Crown Park

    How did I do?

    Glenn Foster

    You did alright. Arcadian Shores needed some “love” when I played in May, but Crown Park is a much better course than people say it is; most weeks! Prestwick & Wachesaw are good 90% of the time. The only real exception is if we get a bunch of rain, both can be “cart path only” really quick!!
    Have fun, hit em straight but not to often and it’ll be alright Sir!!


    I thought I got the best pick of the lot. Totally happy with my 4 courses.

    World Tour

    Glenn Foster

    I personally drew Wedgefield Plantation and I’m not enthused about it: At All. It was dropped for a number of years because the membership there was surviving on World Am money to keep it open, and so many participants complained about it every year. It’s as far south, Georgetown, S.C., as I’ve ever driven & I’ve played it 2 or 3 times. (The 1st time was before I had Tom Tom/GPS, and I downloaded and printed directions from The Breakers that year before I left home.) I was not impressed either time. I hope with the hiatus from the World Am, they have upped their conditions.
    The other 3 courses are pretty good and, I’ve never played the TPC before & it’s 48 miles, one way, away from me.
    I live in the Calabash area and Wedgefield Plantation is going to be a 68+ mile trip, one way, to play somewhere I doubt is really much different than 10-15 yrs. ago. Oh well, everybody’s playing the same course so, we gotta go see and get it done if we can.

    Glenn Foster

    Oh Harry; Dude you got a dream 4 rotation Man!! Only thing missing is Caledonia, but you did very well, I think. Congratulations and hit em good Sir.


    My only concern is that my arm holds up to 7 days of golf straight, including the practice rounds. Been carrying an injury for the past two years on top of a heart attack in november. I will have to pace myself if I’m going to last the entire week. But the most important thing is that my father and grandson here visiting from Australia so I will make the most of that.

    david tiano

    Haven’t played Wedgefield since 2006, my first ever round in WA and I was paired with you. You kept me going on a great rd. Thanks for that so nothing but good memories about a sub par course.

    Ken Delaney

    I hope I am wrong but a local who just played Wedgefield recently, said it was not worth the 60+ min ride down there. Yes, as you know Dave, I too was there in 2006 (although we didn’t know each other at that point), the course was just “so-so” back then.

    If it’s your worst of the week, then just enjoy the rest. Overall, it will be fine.

    Glenn Foster

    Hello David Tiano my friend!! Yes Sir, that was my 1st time there also and I don’t remember every person I played with over the years, but I always look for you in the Con Center, just to catch up. Loved seeing you make it to final day a couple of years ago, and winning the free entry that same year or on either side of it?
    I can not believe they allowed this Wedgefield back either! Their choice, and it’ll be just like before they dropped it. Long drive, course conditions bad…I just looked up the green fee practice rnd: $39 for a semi-private club? It is what it is, and everybody’s playing the same place.
    At 66 yrs old, I was expecting more than that course at all.
    Good luck again Dave and I hope to see some night at the CC!!

    Bill Eslick

    Bill Ashley – Com’on Maaan…You, like I, will take what they give us, play our best and if we are not playing so well we will just meet at the bar and have a few toddies…
    Tess is escorting me again this year…is Lisa coming along again this year…we are leaving on Friday morning and driving straight through…
    I drew, Heritage, Sea Trial Plantation (Jones), Oyster Bay (I played there in 2018) and Hackler @ CCU…not a bad line-up but all are quite a drive away from where we are staying…
    Safe travels to you…

    Bill Ashley

    Bill, Good to hear from you! Yes, I will happily take whatever they assign to me and play as well as I can. I was just curious to see if I could get a couple of opinions. We will meet at the bar for toddies regardless of how we play! Yes, Lisa is coming with me again and is excited for the trip. We are flying in Saturday afternoon. The only one of your courses that I have played is Heritage (2 years ago) and it was great! I talked to a long time World Am vet here in Lubbock, and he said he thought my draw is good. I look forward to seeing you Saturday!

    Bruce LeMeur

    World Tour
    Long Bay
    Glen Dornach

    Ricky Herman

    I was watching a clip from Charlie Rymer and he was at Wedgefiled playing and he said they did some work on it. I have played it back in the world am a while back and it was in tough shape. I drew Prestwick Arcadian Wachesaw and Crown Park. I think Crown Park did some renovation on it. So Bill just give me your skin money on Monday and you make all them birdies you might get some back. Rick

    Billy Burwick

    How are mine?

    Sandpiper Bay Golf & CC
    Founders Club at Pawleys Island
    Arcadian Shores
    Tidewater Golf Club

    Looking forward to seeing Harry and everyone else!!

    Bruce Friend

    If you haven’t noticed, starting hole assignments are in your Course assignments now.

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