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    Here is a great idea I was thinking of to raise a bit more money and put a bit of excitment into the anticipated wait for our course assignments.

    Why not next year run a Course Assignment Lottery

    Any one interested pays a $10 fee to buy an entry intoo the lottery. If they get 500 entries thats an additional $5k earned

    Then right before assignment time they select 5 lucky players. The first person out gets to select TWO course to be added to their rotation with the other FOUR lucky names getting to select ONE course to be added to their rotation.

    Just a crazy thought to add a bit more fun to the tournament

    Jon Craig

    You are right it is an interesting Idea, but a totally wacky one also. One guy is going to affect 90-100 other players. Remember the one man or woman is in a 45-48 player flight and there are 2 flights to every course. Should the other players in the fights tip our winner for prime cuts? I like people that think out of the box, so good for you Harry, but i think this one is out of the world 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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