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    jt foster

    Do we know if Course assignments will be out before saturday the 17th ?


    No. We do not know. I’m doubting all 3200+ will get their handicaps sent in by Friday night. That being said I expect they will have them out by Monday. But anytime before that will be a bonus. I have to figure out how I’m going to get my nephew to his courses. I’ll be in the 2nd flight unless the cut off is less than 4.0, my friend Tim will probably be in 3 at a 5.5 and my nephew is a probably going to be playing to a 22.5 which might hit the last flight in the 49 and under. We do have 2 cars in the group so it will be interesting if we will have courses close enough to each other that it all works out easy. But we all know we could have one to the south, another to the north and then another to the west.

    Tommy Briggs

    Jeffrey don’t they still have ride share help at sign up. If I remember correctly the last time I played a couple of years ago at the PGA store they had a ride share table or something set up.

    If not post it here I am sure someone will give your nephew a ride. I remember there were quite a few ride share threads here after flights and course assignments were announced


    Will echo what Jeff said. Aug 19th is our goal and estimation. Any time before that would be amazing. With such short time frame this year, Christmas probably won’t come early.

    We are going to be hounding anyone who hasn’t submitted in a timely manner. Feel free to bug your friends to ensure they know the time frame is from Aug 15 to 16 ONLY!! If we have them all by Friday night, we can get moving quicker!

    And yes, we’ll again have a ride share assistance program set up at the Check-in locations. It is usually fairly helpful, though we cannot make that promise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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