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    It would be interesting to see how/where the $600.00 Entry fee gets allocated.
    Since I know that the majority of the WA course’s can be played for under $100.00 per round.

    Bob Newman

    I would think that the WA actually gets on these courses in the $35 range per person. This is a big payday for the majority of the course, hence we have been getting courses in poor condition. I am member in 3 groups that play around the midlands of SC AMA know they get on all courses for less than this.

    Mike Cheeseman

    Rick Kimbrell

    Where does the idea come from that the $600 entry fee wholly goes towards green fees?


    Chad- while I can agree that some posts are redundant, green condition can’t be overlooked. We played Caledonia on our annual trip 3 months ago and the greens in question were terrible. In a friendly competition event, putting can’t be ignored. Knowing that’s where a lot of strokes are gained or lost, this matters. I was in contact with the Caledonia staff for 2 months leading up to our trip and was told repeatedly that they were coming in nicely. That’s a bold faced lie. They still aren’t good 3 months later. They need to irrigate and fumigate that issue but want to take the slower, more economical approach. While some may agree with that approach, lower your rates if you do that. Caledonia is one of my favorite courses in the country when it’s in its usual shape so I have a hard time being critical but do something. Each participant usually gets 2 premium courses and 2 run of the mill tracks. I had Caledonia, Shaftesbury, MBN South, and Lion’s Paw last year. The cat courses are a disaster these days. Boarded up guard shack, busted out windows in houses, tree branches in the fairways, and completely destroyed cart paths. You can’t give people courses like that. We walked on the putting green for that final round at LP and just laughed and walked off in disgust. The “everyone is playing the same course” defense isn’t the best one here. We pay what we pay to put on sand and holes? So everyone has to play in subpar conditions? All of these courses know when the event is. Bust your tail and get your course ready ahead of time.

    Bill Ashley

    Last year was my first time playing. 3 of the courses were in very good condition and one was not (one of the cat courses). Personally, I had a great time and can’t wait to play again this year. If I can get 3 good ones out of 4 every year, that’s going to be good enough to keep me coming back!

    Tony Robison

    I first played in the tournament in 1984 (Rawlings Golf was the sponsor and the grand prize giveaway was a little Dodge car), then it became Kool Max, then DuPont. I played the first 16 years before missing a few when I moved to California and have played sporadically since. The original entry fee was $175 and they only had beer and BBQ at the convention center and if I recall right, the convention center/19th hole was only on Thursday night. The courses you play have always been hit or miss in quality and service, however you typically get a good course or two. In over the 25+ times I’ve played I’ve seen it go from being the sandbaggers open to a first class tournament. The $600 (early entry) fee it is now does not seem too expensive for all you get, golf, gifts and the 19th hole (hell I probably drink $400-$500 of bourbon and need to detox when I get home).

    I spend less on this tournament that I do on my club’s member guest (Pine Needles/MidPines/Southern Pines – $650 last year- and that’s just 3 days golf and 2 days of cocktail parties)

    So in my opinion it’s still a great value, the only issue I have is the Grand Prize has gotten worse (1 year they gave away a condo among other great prizes in different years)

    Alex Grebel

    Maurice, I can tell you that the ponds are all now full. North Myrtle Beach just experienced up to 8 inches of rain in two days (Friday and Saturday). Of course it could dry out between now and the last week of August, but it just shows it can get wet quickly!

    Chandler Wells

    My $.02…I will be again be attending (my 5th consecutive) and I use this week as a total disconnect from everyday life. While my game doesn’t always co-operate score wise, I spend 4 rounds of beating it around. I am a believer in the “We all play the same course” thing, and those guys that spend the day whining about conditions probably have a bit more experience down there in those conditions, and still beat me every year! My not so great course last year, I played my best golf of the week, because I just didn’t let it bother me!
    In my previous 4 years, it seems I have gotten 1 or 2 really nice manicured course, 1 pretty nice and 1 that leaves you wondering…I think course conditions fall on the individual course. If they know for 365 days that this is a HUGE week for them with 80-90 guaranteed players a day for 4 days at $35-$40 per round (prior to regular afternoon play) they should be prepped and spend some time getting these places playable! If not, the WA committee should penalize or threaten these courses to pull them from rotation. Even if they have to move the course selection radius out farther, we have traveled far in previous years.
    In closing, I have met some really cool fellas and gotten to be a part of some fun and entertaining moments on the course or after the rounds. I will continue to come back and plan to enjoy myself yet again…Whether my game feels the same or not, we will see!

    Tony Robison

    One of the biggest issues with course management is personnel. I live on and a member at a great course (Pine Needles), yet unless it’s the US Women’s Open, they don’t have the maintenance guys available anymore on a daily basis and the course suffers. There are not enough people to cut grass, rake bunkers, do turf repair, address drainage issues that develop due to thunderstorms, spread weed killers, pickup pinecones, etc. And it’s not because the courses aren’t trying to hire people, it’s just there are no people who are applying. It’s throughout the resort, including restaurant and clubhouse people. So many people have left the workforce. The unemployment rate is down because the number of people working/seeking employment is at record lows. There are fewer people working now than 2/3 years ago. It affects all industries, especially where manual labor is needed.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Tony, you are so correct. My club is down 6 maintenance workers right now from having a full staff. Guys come out, fill out an application the turn the job down. It has been repeated more than once, please accept my application as evidence I came here and applied. They claim they make more money not having to drive to work and just draw unemployment than taking a job. “I need to show that I am doing this so I can continue to draw my unemployment.” Golf courses all over our area as well as other service related businesses are severely short staffed. Last year in MB I talked with several staff members and various courses we played and the theme seemed to be the same there about trying to hire workers.

    Frank Pinto

    I have played in this event in 17 of the past 18 years. My top reasons for playing are the quality of the courses, fair competition and the 19th hole even though I’m not much of a drinker.
    One of the most exciting days of the year is “course assignment day,” am I not right? We all look forward to 1 or 2 premier courses and 2-2nd tier courses, but no one appreciates a course in poor condition. The folks running the event are aware of all our issues re: course conditions. They are good people trying their best to put on a great event.
    One year I won my flight on the 4th day playing Crown Park. While most of the field griped about that course, I played a practice round the week leading up to the WA and relished every shot on that final day day. There was grass on the fairways and greens, 18 holes and to this day it is a fond memory. I will keep playing as long as it is a good value. Look forward to seeing you all!

    joseph healy

    i will keep eye on this, thanks

    Billy Burwick

    I am really looking forward to finding out which courses I get to play.
    We are getting close 28 days to go!!

    maurice cleaves

    Here’s a latest update on some courses from a friend who lives in Myrtle Beach
    ‘Courses are in really good condition right now.
    The Pearl is closed all week for aeration of fairways.
    River Hills put in new greens. They plan to open on Aug 21 for play.
    Played Glen Dornoch today, pretty good condition.
    Played Sandpiper Bay on Saturday course was good but 105 heat index.
    Still hear nothing good about Ocean Ridge and the Big Cats.’

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