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    john wolf

    Mr kimbrell……if I worked for or was associated with the world am I would not be able to play. As for working at caledonia….I do now. I started after the greens were damaged and we still have 2 that need a lot of tlc but the rest are not as bad as you like to project. The wa does not have control over the courses so can’t do a lot to police slow play…..the courses are run by the owners or groups they are associated with and are there to make a profit as I stated before. And in March there were not 7 greens struggling mightily. Hope you enjoy the week or not…..I really don’t care. I will and that is what matters

    Bob Newman

    My. Wolf, are you implying you are the superintendent??
    In my Opinion, the Host Course should be responsible for pace of play. When I first started playing on 2005, the Host courses had people riding the course SMS monitoring slow play. The big issue was putting 120 plus on the course. Over the years the courses have become increasingly slack on what they do. As for trusting the courses to tell you what shape they are in is NOT the way to find out. In the 45 years I have been coming to the area, I have been told “the course is on great shape” and by the second hole realized I had been took. This happened several times, until I learned to one’s to play , may have to pay a little more, but worth it. I fully understand the owners want to make money, but at least be truthful in the course condition s.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Mr Wolf, since you aimed your comment at me…I never said you worked for a course. I simply said courses do not seem to be very up front about their course conditions. I haven’t played Caledonia so I did not, could not, make any comment about how good or bad Caledonia’s conditions are. It has been my experience in my 34 years of playing in the World Am that leads me to believe the courses let the WA committee think they are in good condition when they are not. Same for the paying public. You show up at a course, pay full price only to find that the greens are mostly dirt, weeds knee high growing around bunkers, tee boxes mostly sand. Why would they not tell you…cause, as you said, they operate to make a profit. It helps to know locals who can advise you on course conditions.


    The irony in Mr Wolf’s post is that it was directed to me but name dropped wrong. Speaking from being around golf courses for 40+ years and claiming Caledonia as my favorite course in the US, minus Pinehurst #2, my opinion(fact based) isn’t merely opinion. Caledonia was a wreck on 7 greens out of 18 back in March. I stick by it. Being that it is August and John Wolf is still saying that 2 need TLC, it appears my “opinion” was valid. I will still praise that course and play it every chance I get but their social media posts and direct messages in response to my messages made false claims on the green conditions. Dirt and sand with a small bit of grass, for a course that spectacular, is bad. No other explanation is needed. I’m overly excited to be competing and enjoying 4 days of fun. Let’s not lose sight of that.

    joseph healy

    i will be done,but if hackler is as bad as they say no/ more!!!!

    David Baker

    Unfortunately the WA is oblivious to the comments about courses that are not up to par, to be nice. What can they say but we really don’t care about the course conditions, as this is a business decision to support our courses. Once the WA has your money they can say play or don’t play. They bill themselves as the tournament of all tournaments, the premier tournament with the subpar courses. I accept that they are going to give some flights the shaft, hopefully only on one course. It is truly a shame to pay $600 for a subpar or terrible golf course. But as they say, they will come regardless of the condition of the courses.

    dan westenbarger

    Nobody wants to play a course that’s in poor condition (or worse)but you all gotta understand a few things.There are only so many courses available to host the tournament and there are over 3200 players I don’t think they can cram every one on to the top 10 courses.And before you start thinking that there are far more available courses then 10 obviously there are but a large number of them don’t want the wa playing on them or there price point is so high that it would push up the entry price so high that none of us would want to play.so if you have to put up with a course that is sub par remember that everyone is playing the same conditions that day and the ones with the best attitude that day will probably play the best.By the way I’ve been playing 24 years now and have played courses from pristine to pretty rough.Go to the 19th hole afterwards eat drink and relax.

    Billy Burwick

    This is my 1st year. 3 of my courses look great the 4th Meh but I am on vacation playing golf.
    Lions Paw kinda looks like the course I play every week conditions wise. Such is life. Still going to try an play the best I can.

    I am looking forward to having a blast no matter what the courses look like.

    Bob Newman

    I do not agree “everyone plays the same course” assessment for this event. Some of us sign up to play on what it is advertised to be, A GOLF TOURNAMENT. I don’t come to play as a vacation side trip, or a buddy trip to have fun. I come to play in a tournament and I expect better than average golf courses to play said tournament on. I have complained for the past 5 to 6 years about some of the courses I have played on. I know in March I was not going to be able to play this year due to health issues (turns out to be a Herinated Disc), so I didn’t really have to decide what to do about continuing to play. I think I’m going to miss playing in it but once you miss something, it’s easier to miss it a second time. For me, it has been just the l at 5/6 years, that this course issue has come up. Y’all have fun.

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