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    Bill Eslick

    HARD CARD information…
    Just curious as I got back to the hotel and looked for my course Hard Card. I found a Hard Card with rules and general information but not the usual card showing courses, starting hole AND my COURSE HANDICAP for the course and tees I am playing. I went back to app to see if this information was there it is not,
    I am most interested in what my daily handicap will be on my assigned course…
    I might run up to the PGA Store tomorrow to see if I can get an answer…

    World Am Staff

    The paper course assignment sheets of previous years have been phased out with our new upgraded badge system. You can find Course Assignment information on the webpage here: http://worldamclassic.golfnet.com/tourney/default.aspx

    Course Handicaps can be found at the golf course each day, or you can plug in the information using the USGA’s Course Handicap Calculator here: https://www.usga.org/course-handicap-calculator.html

    John Tantillo

    Yep just use the GHIN app to see your course handicap for each course. Easy peasy.

    Bill Eslick

    Well since my current index is over 21 and I am playing to an 18.2 this does not work easily with the GHIN APP. I found another site where I could manually enter my year to date low index and the other parameters to get it. It is not as easy as tall say…jus sayin…

    Glenn Foster

    I don’t see the strokes your given on the hyperlink either. Everything else is there: tees, yardage, slope… but not strokes given per day/course? It doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, but I liked having that given to us upon check-in. It is just nice to know ahead of time?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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