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    Tony Robison

    Be nice if there was of course locations based on anticpated flights/handicaps before August 19 or whenever they get final indexes in. You got to think the courses know somewhat which handicap ranges they are going to be hosting. I know what my low index of the year is due to an exceptional score in May, so I wouldn’t mind going down over the next few weekends and playing a few courses that might be in my rotation. I know I got no chance but I’m looking forward to the tournament anyways. In all honesty I’ll be playing down a few age groups (Men 49 instead of Mid-Senior) just to enjoy being around a few other golfing buddies going down.

    Jesse Schmidt

    Flights are determined immediately after the 8/15 GHIN/WHS update to ensure that all of the past 12 months are accounted for in everyone’s low index, including last year’s tournament. Your low index might be from May but someone else’s might be from a great showing at their club championship August 10th. Normally all handicaps are in and we know our flights and courses about 2 days after the email goes out on 8/16, everyone is excited to find out so they respond pretty quickly to that email and the WA staff does a great job of letting us know as soon as possible, always in plenty of time to schedule practice rounds wherever you desire.


    It has been stated in prior years..

    The sooner that everyone completes their handicap verifications the sooner they can get the course out.

    So need everyone to check there emails and spam folders and not procrastinate 😛

    Billy Burwick

    I am just curious and don’t yell at me too much but How much can a Cap change in one Adjustment period?

    Tony Robison

    In my experience mine dropped 2.6 index points overnight after a round the Pope of Slope states the odds are 1 in 84,300


    The Dope Of Slope sysrem is a lot of crap. It penalises genuine golfers and catches a minimal amount of sandbaggers.

    If you have a round that is 7 strokes better than your handicap it is regarded as an exceptional round and incurrs a penaly for the next 10 rounds play you will lose point 2 off your handicap every every card submitted regardless of the score

    Billy Burwick

    ahh ok That is a decent adjustment. TY

    18 days to go!!

    Tony Robison

    Harry the hack

    Your description of an exception round penalty is wrong. It penalizes past rounds by a 1 or 2 differential deduction based on the differential of the exceptional round. As you continue to
    Post, those rounds asses the differential penalty fall off. That’s a USGA-R&A handicap calculation. The Pope of Slope just posts the odds (which the world am appears to follow). The lower your handicap, the higher the odds are of having a differential 7 or more points lower than your handicap, which is exactly what the table shows.

    Tony Robison

    Been my experience that people worried about getting penalized for an exceptional round have a suspect handicap anyway


    So if you look at the table someone who is a 9 handicap and shoots 81 as as a regular score happens to shoot 7 better and scores a 2 over 74 if you look at the table they say that that is not possible for another 847 rounds what a crock. if you play 30 rounds a year are you saying it’s going to take 13 years to repeat that. This is a scale that has no basis and where did these numbers come from out of the thin air it’s all fictional. But heaven forbid if someone should question it as this is what it has been for the last 10 years so it is the gospel the gospel of crap But heaven forbid if someone should question it as this is what it has been for the last 30 years so it is the gospel the gospel of crap

    Tony Robison


    You really don’t understand how odds are determined do you? The table is based on posted rounds by handicap ranges over a long period of time. It’s based on actual received data by the USGA (GHIN). It’s also based on the differential. An 81 on a par 72 with a slope of 117 isn’t the same as an 81 on a par 71 with a slope of 145. The latter would have a lower differential even though the score to par is 1 stroke higher

    Billy Burwick

    I have been as low as 22.5 and as high as 25.4 this year. Most of my scores have been mid 90s with a few high 80s and 1,86 which is a PB.

    I certainly hope it won’t take 847 for me to beat that score.

    I’m capable of shooting that for 1 round maybe 2 but for me to do that say 4 days in a row would be like hitting the lottery!

    Tony Robison

    In addition, if someone is posting rounds 6 or 7 strokes better than their handicap every 20-30 rounds then the handicap is to high. Remember your index is based on your 8 best rounds


    I can vouch that overly exceptional rounds do happen.

    In May this year I went on vacation to Florida (Stream Song Resort) Shot an 84 on the Red course then 2 days later dropped a 76 on the blue course Rating (69.50.127). First ever round in the 70’s my previous best round was a 82 way back in 2018. Since then I would go back and forth from 86-95 respectfully.

    The Blue Course Round was playing with my wife, a random couple w/Forecaddie, Went into the round telling myself to have fun, that I am on vacation, and there is no reason to so don’t care about my shots/score.

    SO…Played almost the entire round on 100% Autopilot, until of course the 16th hole when the forecaddie ask me my handicap and then he went on to inform me that I birdied 4 of the 5 holes.

    Then realizing what I had done proceeded to finished the the last 3 holes at a +4 (16th +2 – 17th +2 18th Par) for a back 9 (36). I just wonder what would have happened if the forecaddie would had not said anything.

    I only remember 4 shots and they were the bad ones. My average penalties are (4) per round so that was about normal.

    Since my low round of 76 I have shot the flowing 83,82,98,95,89,93,92,88.

    So I will be coming in to this years World AM with a 12.4 Low-HC hoping to embrace my inner autopilot and turn OFF the Care.

    See what happens I guess…

    Bob Newman

    How many of you are playing the ball down and actually holing every putt??) not doing there 2 things can actually deflate your handicap by 3+ shots. Most to not do this and therefore the “career rounds harder to obtain

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