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    Have not played any of these, 4 of these in my rotation would be appreciated

    Carolina National
    Grande Dunes
    Indian Wells
    Myrtle Beach National South Creek
    Myrtlewood Palmetto
    Oyster Bay
    Pearl East
    River Club
    River Hills
    River Oaks
    Sea Trail
    Wild Wing

    Aaron Ellis


    Carolina National is excellent, Indians Wells isn’t bad but can be hot as hell there if the wind doesn’t blow, MB National SC is an alright track, some houses around it, Pearl East was in pretty good shape during the Calabash Cup, River Hills is a good track the back 9 can be rough with all the water if you aren’t accurate, River Oaks Ive heard has gotten in much better shape than in previous years, heard Sea Trail Byrd was having bunkers redone which would be a huge improvement if so from last year, Wild Wing killed me the first year I played in the MBWA! Best of luck to ya!

    Louie Phipps

    Having the luxury of living within a 3 1/2 hour drive to MB I am down there about 5 to 6 times a year playing golf. I have played 95% of the courses at one time or another. I had never played Waterway Hills and kept waiting to finally draw it in the World Am. I finally decided before a trip a couple of years ago to go ahead and play it and guess what…it closed down in the interim. With that in mind be advised that Heather Glen and Possum Trot are scheduled to close down sometime within the next year or two so if they have been on your bucket list you better make time to play them.

    Aaron Ellis

    Louie, where did you hear that Heather Glen and Possum Trot are schedule to close down? I haven’t heard this, considering they just built some homes/condos around Heather Glen that is surprising!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Here is a link about Heather Glen closing.

    Louie Phipps

    I was in MB last month and while I was checking in to play Legends I overheard a couple of guys talking about Heather Glen closing. I played Possum Trot a couple of days later and since PT is part of the Glens group along with Heather Glen I asked the pro about HG. He said the developers were waiting to get rezoning approval (I guess to build houses, etc.) and that might take a year or two to happen. He then said that Possum Trot would be closing because their lease runs out this year. He said that the property might be sold to the city and they plan to build sports complexes on the property. Another source of confirmation is the web site http://www.myrtlebeachgolftalk.com . I check it out several times a year. They have some pretty reliable information.

    Dale Craig

    Unfortunately this is the new reality. The younger generation is not playing golf like they did 20 years ago during the dawn of the Tiger era when new courses were popping up every month it seemed like. Like him or not he created a lot of excitement and got new players into the game. Any area that was even slightly interested in golf was seeing new courses being built and participation rising. In my area and even more so at the private clubs, you are now seeing clubs closing or changing their business models in order to keep the doors open. I shudder to think what the golf landscape will look like in another 20 years as us older players fade away.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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