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    Amazing that I ended up in Flight 3 again. Didn’t expect that. Last year I would have been in 2. Range in 2 went to 4.7 last year. Just 88 players on our course this year. It actually worked out good for me. My friend is coming down and we are in the same flight together and nephew is in flight 10. So now I don’t have to worry if he has a ride to the course. Now I just have to worry that he doesn’t crash my car! Anyone stepping up to run the skins in flight 3 and 4 this year?


    Sorry for whoever has to play with my nephew. He just got a lesson today and then shot 115. On the bright side, the most he can shoot is 162! 9 max on every hole. He’s getting stressed out. His first WA! If I can get him to hit 7 iron off the tee he might be better off. Or drink a 6 pack before he tees off! That might work even better……

    Michael Linthicum

    im in flight 9 so he will be on the same courses as me at the same time…also my first world am but im excited and cant wait to get going

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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