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    Jim Paxton

    Just wondered if there had been any thought to using an app like golf genus or something similar to put scores in for the World Am? Most of the courses back home are using it, and it seems that if the course has the ability to use it, it would speed up scoring. Of course the paper scorecard would still be the official one and you still have to turn it in to verify the scores.

    Just a thought. Only one player per group would have to have the app. You could even turn off the leaderboard.

    Kirk Roberts

    That would be a good thing for skins! Seems that some people still don’t understand to enter your actual score and not your adjusted score. I have seen that first hand and for whatever reason some people just don’t get it

    Bob Newman

    I absolutely hate those aps and refuse to use them. too much time wasted on the phone punching numbers etc. you still have to sign a card and verify that. Skins should not be considered on this decision.

    Ricky Napper

    I have been involved many times with digital scoring and have found it to be a personal choice by indvidu. You have those who love it and those that deeply object spiny it by leaving their phonesto it. Reasons people don’t like it include:
    1. Discomfort / distraction from their game
    2. Some people keep current while others wait every 2 to 3 holes to post
    3. Some avoid keeping score by leaving their phone in the car
    4. What starts as voluntary becomes mandatory
    5. Incorrect scores (intentionally
    These are just a few reasons and yes there could be positives but nothing that a scorecard you have to sign doesn’t cover. Personally I’ve done it both ways and feel if used you should not be penalized if you choose to keep what USGA rules 3.3b set standards for officially. If digital is used it should be noted on the hardcard. All that said let’s play golf.

    Bob Newman

    Thanks got the insights and tips. I’ll leave it in the vehicle. 😂😂

    Christopher Rainey

    They used an app when we played the final round at Grande Dunes, one of the guys in our 4-some kept track of our scores, even made a error on one of the holes, glad I didn’t do it, a little distracting, but not too big of a deal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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