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    Dean Edwards

    You’re right that score from last year was never posted I tried when I posted the other three the handicap system couldn’t find the course I finally forgot about it my bad but I don’t think one score is going to drop my handicap enough to get that much lower of a handicap and also if you look back at 3 years ago the course you dq’d me on I shot better and did not get DQ like I argued in there some courses suit people some courses don’t but y’all don’t look at it that way. Years back played good got my handicap adjusted lived with it came up a little short used to really enjoy coming to Myrtle Beach and playing in the world am like it says been playing since it started did not enjoy this year didn’t really enjoy last year don’t think I’ll ever be back tournaments change too much for me not any fun anymore


    Dean – I’m sorry you did not have fun. For a moment imagine being in 2nd or 10th place in your flight how much fun they had trying to beat someone not meant for their flight.

    For starters – yes posting a score 3 better than your index WILL reduce your handicap.

    Aside from the score missing there’s another posted from the incorrect, easier tee box. In 2020 you also posted your best score from the wrong, easier tee box. They’re posted in February or later of the following year which is against the ideology of the system and maybe why you don’t post them accurately or at all. Our team is not naïve to this behavior.

    You were 17 shots up on second place after just THREE rounds of golf. Ahead of a gentleman who was playing about as good as someone who could win your flight could. You were up 10 shots GROSS on the gross leader of flight 38 playing the same courses.

    If you return in 2023 which I am not expecting but in case you do you need to post your scores now. I listed them below. This is a pattern, not a one off. This is why we make the decisions we make.

    I never say the system is perfect but this is egregious. I feel confident the 43 players in your flight reading this appreciate us standing up for them.

    2022 89 Barefoot Resort, Love – GREEN
    2022 84 Founders Club at Pawleys Island – GOLD
    2022 85 Diamondback Golf Course – RATTLESNAKE

    Dean Edwards

    3 4
    2019 1 17 85 68 6 Heritage Club 6 6 5 5 4 4 5 3 5 6 3 3 5 5 5 3 6 6
    2019 2 18 87 69 1 Wild Wing Plantation, Avocet 6 3 5 6 3 4 7 5 5 5 4 6 5 4 5 6 3 5
    2019 3 17 84 67 1 Diamondback Golf Course 5 5 5 3 5 6 7 3 6 5 4 2 4 5 5 4 5 5
    2019 4 17 95 78 3 Arrowhead
    You know Scott I’m not a handicap Guru like you but I do believe in 2019 my first three days I was 12 under par I didn’t get dq’d heck I didn’t even win. Sorry that I am a very busy man and that worrying about my handicap is not on my top 100 list which most of the time when I do play golf and I put in a handicap it’s usually over the distance that we play in 60 to 69 age group you know if you would have called me in and said Dean you are way ahead of the group I can’t give you any Strokes on the last round it would have been fine by me I’m a competitor I would have tried even if I didn’t win but to DQ people like y’all do I think it’s wrong played Sports my whole life never been DQ from anything until now I think your system sucks. My whole family has played in this tournament from time to time I really should have listened to them and just gone to Myrtle Beach with the family got a golf package with my family and had a good time I guess the rest of my family is smarter than me


    I’m not here to argue I am here to share facts. It’s frustrating when you take time out of your day to call us out publicly on Facebook for this self proclaimed injustice but you’ve done nothing to help your cause.

    The player is responsible for posting their own scores in a timely and accurate manner.

    By saying don’t give you shots the last day (20 of them!) you are telling me even you don’t believe you should be in that flight.

    yes in 2019 you were 12 under par… When the system was based on course ratings! So you were 1 under your handicap and perfectly within the realm of possibilities.

    I hope you continue to visit the beach with your family.

    Dean Edwards

    Scott sounds like you’re arguing to me and as far as stating facts maybe you should check all your facts some are questionable I wasn’t getting 20 Strokes on a Thursday around 15 16 maybe 17 who cares as far as you changing it from rating to slope 12 under is still 12 under to me as far as worrying about the handicap you could have just taken all my scores from all the world am scores made a handicap out of that I wouldn’t have cared I come to compete not get dq’d. Maybe you and your staff should take the rest of the year figure out one handicap rule that works year to year not changing. Wow must have ruffled your feathers on Facebook huh LOL

    Jim Binder

    Way too many DQ’s this year, Had our leader in flight 12 DQ’d this year, look at his last 5 years scores and he never broke 80 before. With lift clean and place scores are going to be lower. Been playing since 1993 and this year might have been the worst I have seen in DQ’ing people.

    Rick Kimbrell

    @Bob Newman…you are correct. People only seem to look at their score as it relates to par for the course. The differential for each round is much more important. In my handicap range, 2 courses my tournament league are drastically different. I can shoot an 82 for net 71 and my differential is 8.7 where as on the other course, same score will result in differential of 13.4.
    As far as people not posting their tournament scores…no excuse is acceptable. It can always be posted manually if you can’t find the course. Just need par, course rating, slope rating. And post it on a timely basis.

    Christopher Smith

    Simply post all of your scores, no matter how low and no matter how high. Its a handicap for a reason. Sorry to hear folks were DQ’d, but at the end of the day post all your scores. The number of times I’ve heard, oh can’t post that one is ridiculous over the years. Just post them all. Our handicaps are our responsibility to accurately report.

    Thanks for keeping the World Am going. See you next year where I’ll do the best I can to live up to my handicap.

    Billy Johnson

    I would love to know what WA considers an exceptional score, to justify deductions/disqualifications.

    USGA considers exceptional scoring if a golfer’s differenial goes 7.0-9.9 below his/her index…for -1 reduction. Or -2 if a golfer goes 10.0 or more below differential.

    No one that I know of knows what standard WA follows when they decide to make these decisions. I’ve said for the longest time, that WA wants everyone to shoot good…but not TOO good.

    No one is naive to think that all golfers are honest about their index. But, I don’t know of any participants that know what WA’s standard is for making those calls.

    …and yes, my dad got robbed a few years back when he won his flight. Then got (retroactively) adjusted on Thursday night for the entire week…because they told him the computer said he shot TOO good for that week. Nothing exceptional, nothing I haven’t seen him shoot. But…c’est la vie.

    Bob Newman

    Billy, I know all the guidelines That the USGA suggest etc. the one I keep going to is a golfer should only best their handicap 3 times in 20 rounds. I know that the WA has more info than the USGA because of the number of golfers that participate. I asked Scott a few questions about players beating the odds and was very politely told that they didn’t share that info. And I fully expected that answer. But I also asked that I did hope that they shared that info with the USGA so that maybe that data could change how USGA comes up with their data. I think that th WA staff has come up with a system that is better than the USGA guidelines to control “their” tournament. Cause, everyone that posts all their scores are at a disadvantage when playing against those that do not posts. And if they told us their guidelines, anyone could figure out how to cheat the system.. I have not had many decent rounds the last couple years and I missed not playing last year. If I can find a reasonable game between now and signup closing, I might be back to see if I can beat that 3 in 20 rounds stat.

    Billy Johnson

    Bob, I agree that the disadvantage lies with us “honest” golfers, who post every score…and have a legit index.

    We get penalized when we’re on a good roll. We’ve done it before…shoot under our index for a few consecutive rounds.

    If it’s during WA play…they penalize you. If it’s any other time of the year, your index goes down, and you play to the low index for the past 365 days…even if you’re not playing well come the next WA.

    I understand the task that the WA has to undertake, with handicaps/fair play. But, I do believe that WA should be more transparent about what their guidelines are, and not spring surprises on us golfers after the fact.

    We’re all big boys/girls, and we all know what’s right/wrong. WA should be more forthcoming with their guidelines as it pertains to adjustments, disqualifications, etc.

    Bob Newman

    Billy, you are right. Every year some legit indexes do get caught. I do feel that number decreases every year. In recent years I have not played with any golfers that I thought were significantly better than me like in the earlier years. The issue actually starts at players home course where the pros let the members get by with not posting their low rounds. I have stopped playing in a monthly group because same people have “their best” round of the month in that event. Surprise to everyone.. I have elected(several more also) not to play in said group anymore.. i have enjoyed playing in the past and hope the WA continues to improve on their system

    Billy Johnson

    I’ve played with guys that have indexes higher than mine, and shoot lower gross scores than me and don’t get adjusted/disqualified. That’s my main issue…the inconsistancy.

    I’ll say this. WA is not real consistant with their rules across the board…not just handicaps. I played in a flight where a guy (golfer A) that was supposed to have a tee time with myself and one other guy (golfer B).

    Golfer A decided to tee off (and play) with his buddy in the group in front of us, because they were missing a golfer who didn’t show up. I asked the starter about it. He told me exactly that…he wanted to play with his buddy. Golfer A was in first place in the flight at that time…BTW.

    I reported it to WA. They took him off the board that night…only to have him back on the board the next morning. I never got any straight answer about why something like that wasn’t enforced.

    Again, the inconsistancy is baffling to me. But I do enjoy playing on the courses they provide, and seeing friends that I haven’t seen since the last tourney. The thing is…WA will not do a whole lot about a lot of things, until it really hits them in the wallet and their are a significant number of decline in participation.

    John Decatur

    Billy that is interesting the guy wasn’t disqualified. A couple of years ago during Covid when they had tee times on Day #4 I had the last tee time and I was driving home to New York after the round and was hoping to get a early start on my drive. I noticed there was an open spot in a tee time much earlier than the time I had and I wanted to take that time. I was told by the WA staff that if I did that I would be disqualified and not eligible for any prizes. I didn’t take the earlier time and played the assigned time. If I had known they weren’t going to enforce the policy I would have rather of teed off sooner. Starting on a different hole to play with buddies is a little different scenario but it is still not the hole you were assigned to and it is a lot easier playing with friends vs strangers.

    Bob Newman

    Playing at a different time or group is a DQ PENALTY. surprised that the WA did not uphold that. Only reason I can think of is “if the pro authorized the change” as a committee member.

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