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    Ray Brimer

    I had back surgery 2yr ago and missed a entire summer of golf and lost about 12mph on my driver swing speed. My scores since then range from 74 to 90 admittedly 1 74 and 1 76 (last summer) and a few other scores in the high 70s. My handicap has went from an 8 (pre-surgery) to a 11 down to 9 back to 12.6 now. I post every score and have been playing more than I have in several years but by the criteria the world am uses 1 of the 70s scores would have dq. Me. It probably won’t matter I will probably puke all over my self like I have in my past WORLD AMs. But the assertion that you only have 3 scores out of 20 you play at or below your index is false. The USGA has said that a person will score at or below their index approximately 44% of the time.

    Dean Edwards

    After playing in this tournament for so many years.This tournament has turned into such a disappointment and joke that I would rather just go to Myrtle Beach with a family. Pick 4 courses I want to play and have a good time. I will never waste my money on this tournament again.

    Bobby Thomas

    Dean, I’m sorry but you are 100% in the wrong. Scott is absolutely correct and if you can’t be man enough to admit your mistake you should not compete in handicap tournaments. You don’t keep an accurate handicap and try to give yourself a competitive advantage. It’s players like you that this system is in place for. Enjoy your vacation with your family.

    Keith Stephens


    For someone who proclaims he will “never waste his money on this tournament again” you sure are wasting a lot of time on this thread declaring the injustices that Scott and the WA team have inflicted upon you. Ten months worth of wasted time. Give it a rest….life is too short.

    Billy Burwick

    I am someone who played last year for the 1st time and had so much fun he’s coming back again!!
    my Wed partner was DQed and I played with the flight winner on thurs, Poor guy. My Wed partner was a
    If your shooting your handicap 4 days in a row in a tourney your a sandbagger.

    I’m not happy that I have to play at a cap that was from last fall and isn’t a fair representation of my current ability. But that is life and I choose to accept it and play. Such is life!

    42 days till the fun begins!

    David Bey

    Getting ready for my 1st WA and have been establishing my GHIN for the past year. Over the past 2 months. to prep for the WA I’ve been playing the ball down and putting everything out. This has definitely added at least a stroke or 2 to every round. Even though my true handicap has risen a bit of late I will be playing with a lower number based on gimmies and rolling the ball in the fairway from previously submitted rounds. I have no problem with this and realize I wasn’t scoring as well as I had assumed. My point is that I’m sure I’m not the only golfer guilty of this. So, if you play way better than your hdcp I can understand why some eyebrows will be raised. I would think that most players will have higher scores than usual at the WA. The courses are more difficult and less familiar than most home courses. You are playing at sea level, so the ball doesn’t fly as far. The pressure of playing in a stroke play tourney without a partner or team to pick you up. The only exception would be if you were recovering from an injury and your handicap doesn’t reflect it – there should be a way to remedy this or just enter the gross division. There’s always going to be sandbaggers in every golf tournament – I’m glad they have a way of finding the cheats, but hope they don’t DQ legitimate players.

    Ray Brimer

    Just so I understand if someone has an exceptional round the first round and gets DQd they just spent 700.00 for 1 round of golf?

    Tom Doughan


    In a way you would be correct. You still get to play the other 3 rounds (weather permitted) but would not be eligible for any flight prizes.

    Ray Brimer

    Not that I have to worry about that, with the drought we experienced from march to the middle of July our courses are playing very hard and fast so my handicap is probably 3-4 strokes lower than it should be so Im going to enjoy the trip and play to my own personal par. Thank you for the info not sure why I needed to know what would happen but I thought I would ask anyway.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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