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    Edward Foxworth

    1) EVERYONE knows that the two most divisive topics around are Politics and Religion. In the World Am’s effort to grow, it should not allow golfers to wear political gear that makes statements like a Mask that reads “Make America Great Again!” or a Hat that reads “All Aboard the TRUMP Train”. Tournament play should is tough enough and topics around sports, girlfriends/wives, etc. are enough without having to worry about the persons you are playing with.

    2) Somewhere in the policy, it should suggested/strong encouraged that strong political viewpoints should not become topics of conversation, especially in the middle of a round. This is not the place for political debates or political posturing. This is the World Am, not the Republican or Democratic Golf Tour.

    Matt Berry

    So clearly, you don’t agree or support the same opinions. If it was a political message that you did agree with, how would you have felt? Why is it that Trump stuff is ALWAYS the stuff getting called out but nobody bats an eye or cares about wearing anything? Why can’t we all just mind our business, understand and expect we all have different opinions and move on with life?

    Lindy Sullivan

    Kind of an ignorant suggestion, we are all adults and it is an election year.. During an election year adults talk about politics sometimes.. Reasonable adults have opinions on sports, weather, business and yes even political issues.. We live in a free society last time I checked. If we have to ban Trump hats or Biden hats or whatever, where does it end? Should we ban cowboys hats because I don’t like them and I like the Eagles? If it is too stressful for you to play golf on a beautiful morning in your own cart because you are worried someone is going to bring up political issues, well I don’t even know what to tell you… however as an adult I’ve been able to have reasonable conversations with many people about many different topics.. I have friends on both sides of many issues, And we have had conversations, and debates, but in the ends we are still able to move on as friends without being hurt or offended to the point where we are too worried or stressed out to function.

    Michael Linthicum

    LOL….THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike StClair

    Go Trump

    Jim Kavanagh

    We used to have a guy at our club who wanted to talk politics all day. I would put him on a five-minute timer and cut him off for the rest of the round. It worked and he understood. With new rules it would be a three-minute timer.

    Danny Fox

    That’s crazy, that’s why we live in America! Trump 2020. 😂

    Mike Cheeseman

    I am glad I am Canadian.

    Mike Cheeseman

    We have nothing to talk about.


    First up I believe that I am the target of this thread. I have bitten my tongue for the past two days but now its over I feel that I must make comment.

    The person who started this thread at no time interacted with me except for him dropping off his skins at the table where I was running it. At no time did I interact with this person at any other time and was no where near him on or off the golf course so as for him worrying about me and what I may say has me scratching my head.

    I totally believe in freedom of speech and expression as long as it is done in a civil manner. As for differing views in relation to politics, religion, aliens, ect I love to sit down and compare thoughts from every one as I am very open minded, but then again I am not scared to display my beliefs and are quite proud of them.

    That brings me to my next point, I am originally from Australia and migrated here the right way which took 17 years to get citizenship. My late wife’s dream was to see me get citizenship but passed away 2 months before my swearing in ceremony. I am now a proud AMERICAN CITIZEN who loves this country with a passion. I really makes me sad in the heart that there are many many american citizens who just dont care about things and just go with the flow but yet are the first to complain when things go awry.

    I urge every one to study about what and who you support and vote accordingly that way at least you can say you voiced you opinion which one of you rights

    As someone had already stated in this thread, if we start restricting freedom of speech and expression just because someone finds it offensive we have already lost the fight.

    With that being said, I would like to thank all the officials who worked tirelessly to put this tournament together and all the players I met to make my week memorable. Wishing you and your families a safe travel back to your destinations and praying that you all remain healthy and return next year for an even better 2021 and a return of the 19th hole

    Mike Cheeseman

    Well said Harry

    Scott Springer

    Live Free or Die
    This ain’t chyna
    Golf balls matter

    Ed Guertin

    Actually I had a funny experience with this. I have American Flag headcovers on my driver, 3 hybrids, my putter and my golf bag. I had a gentleman during a round say to me “You must be a Trump fan with all those flags?”. I said “Yes I am and I’m sorry if those offend you”. He told me that he was not offended and liked both the flags and Trump. We laughed about it. I am glad that our President is synonymous with the American Flag…
    Great tourney, great time and great people! We all should work toward keeping it that way and respect each other…

    Charles Mines

    I have to put my two-cents in here….. I am an African American and I am NOT a Trump Supporter. I will be voting for Biden this coming election. I have friends that are Trump supporters and have run across others that are as well. I don’t get it when you dislike/hate someone because they don’t think or act like you. That’s the beauty of being an American (and basically a human being with Free Will). To me a REAL person has pride in what they think and believe but is also intelligent enough to SPEAK on it and LISTEN to the other side. And believe it or not it’s okay to “Agree to Disagree”. No one is making you to talk or be friends with someone if you disagree with their choices. If that was the case then everyone who isn’t a Miami Dolphin fan isn’t worth the time of day!!! 😀

    Mike Cheeseman

    Lol Charles, Miami Dolphins

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