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    Jim Kavanagh

    I am a Jaguar fan and we really are not worth theme of day. And the Biden-Trump thin g is like the Red Sox and Yankees to me. No matter who wins, not many of us will see a change in the way things are.

    Rick Kimbrell

    This comment ended the original poster statement….”This is the World Am, not the Republican or Democratic Golf Tour.”
    You are correct sir…BUT…this is the United States of America and here you are allowed Freedom of Speech. I would ask the OP…were you born in this country? Have you ever fought for the freedoms we enjoy in this country?

    Ron Zietak

    Good for you Harry. I’m glad I didn’t have to play wit Mr Foxworth and hope I never do, because I will drive him crazy. I don’t want to talk politics or religion or any serious subject while I’m playing golf, but expression on clothing or equipment is great. Congrats on your win and Go Trump.

    Tommy Briggs

    I consider myself a fairly religious person but I always try to keep my views to myself, just to avoid any potential conflict. I agree with others, I am there to play golf not to have religious or political debates, I just do not think the golf course is the appropriate place. I don’t think it is wrong to ring it up but unless someone else chooses to engage you, drop it.

    Mark Hancock

    Charles: I would be happy to golf with you any day!

    Edward: Sorry, but this is a golf tournament and the WA staff are here to run a fair and competitive event and there is no way they could or should be responsible for controlling personal messages or thoughts from players competing in their event.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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