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    Billy Burwick

    Does anyone walk during the WA? Do you have to take a cart?
    I know I prefer walking and feel that I play better when I walk.
    I have a M7 electric caddy so I wouldn’t be carrying a bag. I am way too old for that.

    Bruce Friend

    Groups of 4, 2 per cart. Not able to deviate and walk. Need to realize this is a large tournament that must be run efficiently and effectively as possible. You are part of a foursome and your foursome is part of 104 on the course at the same time. In addition, many courses have long distances between holes and it is just horrible walking from one green to the next tee. Now after hitting your ball onto the green, grab your putter and walk the remaining distance to the green and that typically doesn’t slow down your foursome.

    Will tell a story on this subject. Wasn’t WAM but another tournament with a guy that “likes to walk” and was all about himself. He told his cart partner after teeing off, he will walk to his ball and expected his cart partner to meet him at his ball. Basically expecting the cart rider to caddie for him. F that. The guy in the cart would drive to his own ball which many times caused the guy to walk long distances to get his club which slowed down the foursome and backed up the tournament as I was witnessing this as being the group behind this foursome. After about 5 holes, the group almost all came to blows with much screaming and arguing. Was totally miserable for everyone. Life is too short and everyone needs to understand not to be so damn selfish and play in the manner the tournament is set up. You are part of a group and subgroups and my #1 rule of golf: be a good partner and make those around you enjoy the round.

    Bruce Friend

    I will add at Qschool in March of 2021, played with a guy at Prestwick that after teeing off would take his bag off the cart and walk the hole. I had no problem with that as he helped others look for balls and remained part of the foursome while didn’t slow anything down. After putting out, would put his bag on the cart and drive to the next tee in the cart and Prestwick is one of the few Myrtle courses that isn’t spaced all over the place and tees are close to the greens. Was a very pleasant guy and he made it work by being very courteous and understanding with his playing companions.

    Billy Burwick

    Thanks for the replys, I have no problem riding.

    Glenn Foster

    Billy, welcome the tourney!! You really don’t want to walk down here, the heat indexes have been 100-110 almost all Summer and even IF they would let you, you may start on 14, could be a the furthest from the clubhouse, 1 mile away… and have to start with that hike and end with that hike after #13 on top of the distances between greens to tees. This heat index is no joke this year for sure!
    I’ve seen you’re asking for tips;
    1.)Do Not Forget Raingear!!! We’ve been lucky last couple of yrs. to not get much rain during the week.
    2.)FootJoy rain gloves; just in case. Buy them before you get here because if it’s rainy the week before, they disappear from all the stores when players get in their practice rnds.
    3.) When in doubt, club up due to the sea level. One more club, when in doubt, will usually be a better result.
    4.)Don’t be afraid to hit a provisional ball, but announce that’s your intentions to your partners.
    5.) Listen to the rules/ speech in the mornings, local rules can be your friend. Know the quirks.
    May The Force Be With You Sir. You will ALWAYS remember this tournament, good or bad results.
    I hope you get a great draw, a good set of guys to play with every day and have fun, no matter how mad you get.

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    Billy Burwick


    Thank you for the tips. I am planning on riding so its all good.

    I will pick up a new set of rain gloves.
    I am hoping for a decent draw of courses and Cart partners.

    I am expecting to have a blast. No matter how I finish. What’s not to love?
    Being on vacation and playing golf for 4 straight days in a place I have never been!

    Mark Hancock

    Billy: I use to walk and carry my bag before knee replacement (have push cart now) and I attempted to walk during my first World Am in 2012. That lasted about four holes, not because of the heat, but because of the tremendous slow play. With 104 players on the course in a Shotgun, there are 8 “B” Teams, so the round is a slog from the beginning.

    Billy Burwick


    Thanks and I now fully understand why walking isn’t a good idea.
    I have no interest in walking a 6 hour round anyways.

    24 days to go!

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