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    Raymond Blank

    Well y’all once again I entered early and once again I didn’t WIN anything!! LOL.
    Mr. Scott I’m not giving up mane my flight can get lucky and win the range finder. I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH lol

    Ken Weatherford

    I’m not holding my breath either. 14 years and no prize signing up early. Ray, we should start a losers bracket. lol

    Raymond Blank

    NO KEN!!! No way. We would probably loose on that too

    Mike Sigmon

    Well didn’t want yawl to feel like the lone ranger…I haven’t won a thing either and I tried twice this year by entering the world am Q school tournament there’s always a flight winner’s chance left to look forward too…

    Ken Weatherford

    Ok, losers on the men bracket…means if we win or lose, we win. lol

    Tom Doughan

    26 years now and still losing…ALL Thursday night and early entry drawings. Must be making me an honorary Board member of the insanity club…you know, doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome…LOL.

    Raymond Blank

    Besides all the fun things to do at the 19th hole will y’all still have the putting contest are is there some other activity that will take it’s place.
    I so excited and can’t wait to see my buddies and play golf.
    I’m Struggling with my game right now but hope it gets better for the world I am

    Raymond Blank

    LOL. Need to Proof read before I send stuff. World Am. Not world I am. Lol

    William Morrison

    Hey Raymond, you’re not alone in that boat. I also haven’t won a thing at the World Am and I’m also trying to get my game in order. But I look at it like this. The World Am is my golf vacation. And if I should happen to win anything, then that’s a bonus.

    Raymond Blank

    Well sometimes I think the world AM looks back at your rounds and forgets That we are older and not as healthy as we were 10 or 12 years ago. Lol
    I get really out of sink playing home but it’s also very hot
    I love walking but you can’t do that in mid summer.
    I love playing in the world AM and I know it’s not easy for Mr. Scott and his crew to put this tournament on. I think people forget about that. I mean all we do is show up and play and enjoy the 19th hole. They do all the rest. See ya in a few week. Let’s go have fun.

    Tom McGeehan

    This will be my 34th year. Never won a prize, but I always leave feeling good. I have made many friends over the years and always enjoy it when I can match my number of double bogies with the same number of birdies.
    It is just a great week of golfing vacation.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Hope to see you this year Tom

    Glenn Foster

    I’ve won some alpaca socks 15 years ago in the last nights’ drawing.
    I tried the pitching thing 1 night. My back was so stiff from golf so many days in a row, I flat out
    “el hoselled” a rubber ball into the rt hand crowd 2X and put the wedge back up!! Charity $$$ anyway.
    It would be nice after 25 years to win something in the early drawings though. Like you guys said, maybe the entire flight could win sunglasses or rangefinders or…

    Tom McCain

    Guess I possess a little bit of luck. Won a set of irons one year and the flight winners Peak Vision sunglasses 3 years ago(?). Still wear them although the bridge pad fell off on one side. I’ll have to ask for a replacement pair!! They’ve done well, if I had bought them, they would have ended up broken shortly after. This will be my 16th year.


    You are going to have a great week Tom I can assure you you will win something to take home come Thursday night

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