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    Tony Robison

    To avoid scoring issues. You should only be concerned with properly recording and verifying your score and the scorecard you are the marker on. I’ve seen issues where the guy driving the cart attempts to keep score for the foursome and ends up transcribing scores incorrectly. Just verify your score each hole and the person’s score you are keeping. I write the score on the official card at the time the score is relayed to me, not after 6 hours. That way if there is a concern it can be addressed right then and recorded, not trying to remember if Billy Bob 3 or 4 putted at the end of the round because someone wrote something down wrong.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Completely agree Tony. Seen way to many mistakes when a “master card” is being kept for the entire group.
    It is ok to keep a card for the entire 4some but people should be recording on the official score card after each hole…not at the end after play is completed.
    Verify the correctness before signing and turning in the official card.

    Paul Puckett

    Record scores on the official card after each hole, this avoids most if not all mistakes. If you are concerned about the scorecard being changed, simply take a picture of cards with your phone.

    Jim Runser

    What’s the process in the morning before the shotgun start? Just show up, find your cart, and be ready to go at 8:30? Do you have to check in w/ the course/ pro shop? Tee off at 8:30 or leave the cart park at 8:30?


    You should get there an hour early but no need to check in with anyone just find your cart but the 1st thing you have to do is you have to do is find the guy running the skins and sign up for the week would hate to make a birdie not being the skin pot and miss out on a big pay out

    Rick Kimbrell

    About scorecards…remember after the round to turn your scorecard in to whomever is taking up cards in the pro shop. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SCORCCARD TO SOMEONE ELSE TO TURN IT IN FOR YOU. If you leave the course with your scorecard, you will be DQd. If your card is not turned in you are DQd.

    Tony Robison

    Just one more bit of advice that will help you enjoy your tournament. Don’t worry about someone changing their score. We’re(you) are not the the scorecard police and I don’t want to think I just enjoy my round of golf and the people I’m playing with.. If you’re thinking you’re going to win or worried about someone else winning then you’re probably not going to enjoy the tournament as much as you could have. If someone changes their score then that’s on them, they always get caught.

    Bill Hambrick

    Gentlemen and Ladies, this will be my 19th consecutive year. The higher handicaps take longer as you would expect. Some courses really put an effort to get you thru in 4 1/2 to 5 hrs. Sea Trail was one of those a couple of years back. Enjoy your rounds and have a great time.


    Hi Billy Handbrake I am led to believe that you have pulled into yout final truckstop and are fully retired as of yesterday.
    Congratulations. You now have nothing to do and the rest of your life to enjoy doing it. Let’s start it off on the good foot by being this year’s champion
    See you soon. I will be in town on the Thursday perhaps we could get together for dinner. Still planning on a group of 10 of us going to the pirate dinner show on Tuesday night

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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