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    Al Beard

    Okay. Serious question. I have looked over this forum quite a few times, and went back a couple of years on it, trying to learn. I have seen where people have been disqualified for having too good a score.

    What is the rule on that subject? If a person has an exceptional or extraordinary score a couple of days in a row do they get DQ’d because they had a really good streak? Personally I never sandbag. Never have, never will, just to raise a handicap. I have, however, shot 10 strokes or better in a given week over my normal score. I don’t want to be DQ’d just because I have a good couple of days. Could someone please explain the rule here.

    Not just for me, (the newbie), but for everyone.


    Scott Porter

    Not sure what the exact rule is but I can tell you what I have seen in the past few years. If you shot well on day one depending on how well, they usually do nothing and see how you shot on day 2 and/or 3. If you shot an extraordinary score on another of those days they will usually adjust your handicap to the level of play you have exhibited in those rounds and make it retroactive for the previous rounds and your future rounds for that year. They can even make the HC adjustment after the round on day 4 if they feel it is warranted. This does not mean at their discretion they could not DQ straight away. If you shot another extraordinary round after the adjustment, there is a VERY good chance you could get disqualified. The WA staff have been doing this for a long time, they want everyone to have a great time and feel like they have a chance of winning so DQ’s are not given lightly. Hope this at least gives you a little peace of mind, just go play your best and enjoy the event.

    Raymond Blank

    Here is what you need to know!!
    The course you play has a rating. Say 69.6/119. What you shoot on the course reflects your handicap. Each course you play is different. You score is put in a machine set up to calculate what you shoot to the course rating.
    What it doesn’t do is calculate the weather(wet/dry) and yardage !!
    I shot 94-91-79-88. Everyone on day 3 shot well. I have never shot lower than 83 . I got into a grove and was hitting the ball better than I ever had. Played 400 yards shorter. Got adjusted. And finished ( I think 5)
    Forget about all that!! Do as I am going to do. Meet your friend and hopefully meet new ones and have fun for 4 (5 if ya get lucky) play your best and hope you have a good round of golf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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