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    Posting this early as we only have 10 more weeks before the golf season starts and you all have the chance to join the greatest golf league on the planet

    Official invites will go out in a few weeks time as I am still organizing the format for the 100 ways to win cash and prizes but the league is now open


    Harry The Hacks H2H ….. League 1183 ….. (PW) H2H

    I have re-registered the Greatest Buzz Golf League on the planet and it is now open for any new players to Join heading into our 13 season.

    The competition doesnt start until the Tournament Of Champions in January so you have plenty of time to join us

    Last season we had 116 players and looking to increase to 130+ this year

    It is a duel competition where each week you are matched up H2H against another opponent. There are 10 yearly Buzz prizes and a playoff to find the best 4 H2H players.

    There are over 100 ways to win cash and prizes which include the 2 x weekly payouts

    Entry fee is only $40 for an entire years entertainment. All rules and instructions are posted on the home page

    Hope to see you soon, if not I wish you and your families all the best as we head into the festive season and the 2023 golf year

    More information please contact me Harry_s_radley@yahoo.com 3176526063

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