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    Chris Sterner

    Just saw that the Father Son Classic tournament that was supposed to be played this weekend was cancelled just over 2 weeks ago. Considering that tournament is also run by Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, I wonder if any of the World Am staff can talk about that decision to cancel and any implications that has on the World Am.

    As someone who has played in both and will definitely play in both again, I am okay if they make the call to cancel, I just think 2 weeks out is a bit short notice.



    Hey Chris, we operate the tournament but we did not make the ultimate decision to cancel (which was the right decision for that particular event at that time). For World Am, it would be irresponsible not to plan for the worst case scenario. However number 1 focus right now is to keep planning the event as scheduled and continue to ensure player safety for those who choose to participate.

    Jeffrey Goodman

    My only concern would be that that the call to cancel needs to be made much farther in advance. Although I drive to the World Am there are still lots of travel considerations that with only two weeks notice can not be changed.

    Aaron Ellis

    Hopefully the World Am only gets cancelled due to an extreme circumstance other than the Rona, I’ve been down in Myrtle Beach since March about as much as I’ve been home in Charlotte since NC is under lock and key sorta! Played golf down here, went out to a few places, haven’t had any issues, so it’ll be different this year without the 19th hole, but looking forward to having fun and being able to play golf! Have even got more used to putting with the silly flag stick in, just a few courses need to trim them down some, ran into some that the ball could bounce out on, like up at Aberdeen they had a couple!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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