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    Rick Murgittroyd

    With the imminent closing of Possum Trot coming on Sept. 30, It made me go back through my MB information and see how many closed courses I had the privilege to play. I came up with about 22 or 23.
    Robbers Roost to Heather Glen!

    Many of you have been playing at The Beach for a wee bit.
    So, of the closed courses, what were your favorites?

    I liked Hummingbird and Falcon. I also enjoyed Wicked Stick. I think my favorites were Heather Glen and Marsh Harbor.

    Disclaimer. If someone has done a thread like this, I didn’t see it! 🙂


    Tom Jorjorian

    There used to be a website that listed all the closed courses and the dates they closed. Their last count was 26. Add Possum Trot to that list but take Wedgefield off (if it has actually re-opened).
    Besides the courses you’ve listed, the two I miss are Belle Terre and Ocean Harbour. I prefered the Woodstork course over the Hummingbird. It was a little kinder and gentler.
    When they make me King I’ll choose the next courses to close (goodbye Azalea Sands, Brick Landing, and Colonial Charters).

    William Welch

    Without a doubt the best course that has closed was Marsh Harbor!! It’s been around 15 years since it closed but they still have the enterance sign out front!!!


    Close Azalea?!!!! But the titty bar…… I mean the Dollhouse owns that! LOL We use to play Gator Hole back in the day. That was a fun Strand course. Ocean Harbor was probably the best course that closed down. There are definitely some more that would be better off planting a Walmart on. Remember when they claimed 120 golf courses? They ended up killing each other like dinosaurs. You just can’t have that many courses in one spot. Someone ends up starving to death.

    Geoff Koren

    I think the two best closed courses were Marsh and Ocean Harbor. Both great and scenic courses.


    I meant Marsh Harbor as well, Geoff. I played it once back in the early 90’s before it closed. Was a Legends course. Eagle’s Nest should be a fine place for a Walmart of maybe just a Dollar General. I’d even put a Piggly Wiggly there. Bring in the dosser! I remember when they had us there when Ernesto hit. The greens had this Velcro looking grass on the greens. It actually stood about 3/8″ above what you thought the green should have been mowed to. Weird……. Never seen greens like that before or since.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Wild Wing Hummingbird – probably had the best Bentgrass greens every year during the WA. I imagine if it had stayed around, it would be Bermuda greens now.
    Lots of courses that have closed I miss not getting to play. Belle Terre, Gator Hole, Robbers Roost, Wicked Stick just to name a few.

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    Bernie Loehr

    Azalea Sands just did a major renovation.
    It will be interesting to see the changes.

    Glenn Foster

    Brick Landing was in very good shape, the 1st of this month. The course is now owned by the Homeowners/Association the course is in. The starter told me that it was in bad shape & was going to close, before that happened? I thought the course was beautiful & challenging. Holes 11-14 are going to be a great stretch eventually. I have no allegiance here & there were some areas growing in, but it is a challenging, fun course to me.
    As in favorite closed; Hummingbird, Heather Glen, Possum Trot.

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    Christine Remines

    I was kind of bummed the Pearl merged the two 18’s into one. Also, when I started playing many many years ago I remembered a course called Angel’s Trace. Waterway Hills just because as a kid coming to the beach with my parents, long before I took up golf, thought the tram thing was cool. Course.. ehh it was ok.

    James Carter

    Angels Trace had 2 great 18 hole layouts. It turned into leopards chase, part of the big cats. I miss Heather Glen and the Bay Tree courses.

    Bill Hambrick

    Bay Tree had 3 courses Gold Silver and Green

    Alex Grebel

    Christine, actually Pearl still has 27 holes open. They closed holes 3-11 on the East and made it 9 holes, you jump from #2 to what used to be #12 and is now #3. The old West 18 is now split into the West 9 and the North 9.

    Interesting weird fact with the way they did that. If you play the West 9 to the East 9, you will play 8 consecutive holes without a par four. The West finishes with pars 5-3-5, and the East now starts with pars 5-3-3-5-3.

    Alex Grebel

    Also it’s official that the Witch will be closing in a few months. They keep flooding that front 9 – it’s a shame because I like that 9 holes especially. So they are going to develop the back 9 (it’s higher elevation) and the clubhouse area. I imagine they will just let the front 9 go natural again or maybe make some parkland down there.

    Christine Remines

    Alex, didn’t know the Pearl only closed 9. That is a unique run of holes without a par 4.

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