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    Geoff Koren


    Through the years the World Am has been great at a number of things however one thing that doesn’t change is the lack of marketing to female players and increasing their numbers. I have an idea for you. Paige Spiranac is the #1 golf influencer on the internet. Why not offer her a complimentary spot in the Women’s gross flight? I think it would spur a lot of interest and I’m sure she could discuss her experiences during the tournament. Also there is a very popular actress right now named Kathryn Newton who loves golf more than anything. I think inviting her to play as well would be well worth the cost in free advertising.

    Jim Kavanagh

    I think you would be encouraging male players to try to enter the women’s division.

    Kirk Roberts

    Paige has been a spokesperson for Myrtle Beach before and to be honest I don’t think she is that big of a deal. Just boobs and a smile. And besides she was a professional at one time so I wonder if she even has Amateur status.

    Of course the horn dogs will disagree on her importance but that’s ok. I just want to play 4 days of fun competition without bad weather and 5 hour rounds.

    Billy Burwick


    I will respectfully disagree with you. She is a golf Influencer plain and simple and she moves the needle. You may not like her but Paige is building quite the brand without degrading herself.
    She’s well spoken and isn’t afraid to say things. I would love to see her up on the stage giving a talk one of the nights. I might actually stop and listen for a change.

    I would honestly rather see Paige at the World AM than the former Pool player and that is no disrespect to that fine lady.

    Kirk Does it bother you that she would probably beat you? is that why u dislike PS????


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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