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    James Carter

    Over 2300 golfers have signed up. What do you think the final number will be?

    Bill Hambrick

    I am going with 2835

    david tiano


    Daniel Rousseau

    it could be less for us canadian border still not open and it could stay close until fall ,for now insurance does not cover convid so there is no way we could risk being sick without insurance in the states we could lose everything we have ,so some canadian and other country that have already register might not be able to go,still hope to be there and that we get to 3200 golfer

    Lee Hooper



    With the year that we have been having I think I have got the walk off winner. The final number will be.


    Bob Newman

    My guess is 2667. Haha Harry

    joseph healy


    david tiano

    Your a dreamer Joe. The last 60 days has the smallest increase of player sign ups as players also cancel because of some reason or another.

    Rick Kimbrell

    My guess…no friggin clue….
    With the Canadian lock down. Folks from outside the US facing restrictions on travel…who knows.
    But, those of us from Texas will be there. I will be flying, yes wearing a mask if so dictated. Those from Texas driving…they may have to detour around Louisiana. It is a whole other country anyway and for a while we made them quarantine if they came to Texas. Love them Cajuns…but you have to be careful with them. 🙂

    Tommy Briggs

    I think there is a very large group of players who are waiting to see how things shake out before they register. I think there is a large number of players who really don’t care if it costs them a hundred dollars but without a commitment from the World Am about refunds are willing to wait until the last minute to sign up. I think if things improve we will see a large number of players sign up in late July and early August, if things do not improve I think we will see a large number of players stay home.

    I think it is encouraging we have over 2,300 players registered, I do not think we will notice a great difference once we start playing with a smaller field. I think it will be challenging for Scott and his staff to prepare with so much uncertainty.

    Ricky Napper

    The numbers seem to have stalled or even decreased over past couple of days. When is the last day to register?

    Ian MacLean

    Hopefully we will increase in participants but if not I am still coming in from Hawaii ready for the hot and muggy weather, lots of nats and mosquitos, with the possibility of hurricanes fun I have had for 20 years of coming. Hopefully, my game makes it to Myrtle Beach this year, for some reason it never makes seems to get over the Pacific! Everyone stay safe and see you at the Beach!

    Scott Bryant

    I’m frankly surprised to see we’re at 2300. With the loss of the players party, worldwide economic woes, sealed borders and a late tournament (carries into September) I really thought we’d be lucky to hit 1000 players this year. My wife and I are worried about the latest resurgence in the M.B. area, but mostly because it might mean nothing is open. As such, she may opt out. Our flights were canceled already, which is another bad omen. I guess it’s “wait and see”. It’s not an enviable position for the WA staff to be in, but I expect a decision (in either direction) will need to be made soon. I agree with a previous poster that many golfers are willing to swallow the additional $100 cost to wait v.s. the uncertainty of a full refund, should things go funny. It’s a logical gamble. Let’s all hope for the best…

    Tommy Briggs

    Scott the WA has always ended the Thursday before the Labor Day weekend, this year is normal.

    I always stay at a condo rental so I am cooking in my condo every night anyway except for the one night I make my way to the 19th hole.

    All the restaurants will be open for takeout even if they do close the dining rooms.

    I still think we hit 3,000 or real close to it.

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