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    Joe Kalil

    If you look at an answer Scott T posted in a question about tee times, it indicates that 53 course will be used. 2146/53=approximately 40 people a flight/per course

    Tommy Briggs

    Bob I understand what you are saying. However back to my point there are only two ways to control the quality of the courses, There are not three options. So which one do you propose?

    I am okay with limiting the feild, raise the price and limit the field to the first 2,500. The value of the tournament increases when you turn people away. Just like the restaurant you can’t get a reservation for, it makes you want to go even more. I would pay an extra fifty if I knew I was going to play four great courses. Now you can control where you play.

    We have to play the bad ones because if you drop one you have to replace it with another. There are only so many premium courses willing to give us four days. So option two, increase the entry fee and pay the courses more so they want us there because they make money on us. Increase the entry fee so you can pay the courses more and you have the money to pay four premium courses.

    The reason why many courses don’t have any attendants, and we have to pay for range balls is because we are getting a nice discount at many courses to play there. The fee for those lesser quality courses balance the course budget with the cost for premium courses. Consequently there is no money for any normal frills. (Like free range balls) The WA is the only golf tournament I play in where I pay for range balls.

    Landis Courington

    The Covid 19 update sent out on July 8 stated:

    Max players to a course is 72
    each person will have their own cart
    complimentary range balls
    Everyone should reread this update, you can find it on the home page.


    Joe – 53 courses is not the number you want to utilize to divide. It will be no more than 72 players at a course. We’ll use around 30 courses per day depending on the final number. Not each course is used every day. So final number of players / X number of courses per day = 70-72 players per rotation.

    On a separate note we are hopeful the need to have range balls pre-placed this year will allow us to continue this concept moving forward and not have to ask you to pay for range balls in any future years as well.

    We will never ‘sell out’ World Am. Our mission is to market our golf courses at a cost effective price and any course who wants to host is welcome to! The event is a break even marketing tool and we try to put our best foot forward to you return for many years to come whether it’s at a tournament or a normal golf vacation.

    Joe Kalil

    Thanks for clearing that up Scott. Looking at the list of courses versus what we played last year, is it correct that we will not playing any of the Myrtlewood courses, River Oaks, Founders, Possum Trot, Crow Creek and Brick Landing? They don’t show up on the list of courses

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    Denny Burch

    I haven’t had a course in really poor condition since the 90s at the WA. I will admit Founders was rough around the edges about 5 yrs ago, but even then the greens were ok. The days of bare greens *and* fairways at Deer Track, or wire grass so long on the tee you couldn’t take your club back easily at Heron Point are in the rear mirror, as is Wedgefield. No need to complain about Founders as it is not in the rota this year according to the WA website. Occasionally you might get issues in August with the few MB greens left that are non-bermuda, but even that is rare. This will be my 28th straight WA, and have played in 12 other Golf Holiday tourneys recently (the March Championship and Fall Classic) and have had only one course that partially lost its greens in the last 20 years, and that was Tigers Eye a couple years ago after a tough winter in early March.

    One note about the use of the 52 courses listed on the website; they do not use all of them every day of the tourney, which is why you see more courses listed than used each day.


    Correct Joe those courses are not in use this year. Possum Trot closed its doors last year.

    Joe Kalil

    Thanks Scott

    Ricky Napper

    Scott thanks for hanging in there with all the craziness. Very excited to even get to play this year. WA folks deserve huge amounts of praise and thanks as the tournament gets closer. Right now I would be happy to play a putt-putt course with a clowns mouth even if it had a mask on. Guys, let’s get excited and make some good times happen. FORE!!!!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    I can tell you the absolute worst conditioned course I have ever played on the World Am was not a course you would think would be. It was Barefoot Norman. They had us wait something like 30 or 40 minutes so they could “get the course in good condition”. That was an absolute joke. They had no greens. If they had left them alone and let us putt on dirt it might not have been so bad. But instead, they layered them with sand. I don’t mean sanded like you do when you punch greens. I mean an a layer of sand that was in some cases 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. Absolutely impossible to putt on. Footprints everywhere. Never, never should we have played there. Pretty bad when you are on a green and are using 8iron to try and loft the ball to the hole. And, the made absolutely no apologies about the condition of their course. Bare tee boxes are one thing. Weeds everywhere, you can still play. Hard or sloppy fairways…still you can play. But when you have greens with that much sand on them….the course is unplayable as far as I am concerned.

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    Aaron Ellis

    That’s a shame Myrtlewood courses aren’t being used, they are in the best shape compared to a lot of the courses in MB, River Oaks is definitely hit or miss and on the low end, Crow Creek has been hit or miss lately and should of went to Bermuda when they put in new greens, Brick Landing and Possum Trot closed and then Founders hasn’t been as good as it once was! Will mainly miss the chance of playing at Myrtlewood!

    chris kogut

    Let me tell you I’ve been there eight straight years had the most fun I’ve ever had playing golf even have a bunch of top tens. For me to cancel this year because of King Cuomo in New York banishing me for 14 days when I came back is just absolutely killing me. I am so disappointed won’t be able to see some of the friends I’ve made down there, and Scott you do such a great job of this tournament, again it’s just killing me not be able to come this year


    ?????? My question is who is monitoring the quarantine for people. They would only know about it if you tell them. Who are THEY to watch and spy on your every move and monitor where go and dont go.

    chris kogut

    Harry believe it or not there are people that will squeal on you. I can’t take that chance I’m not retired yet and I can’t afford two weeks off no pay, and my friend also that’s been coming with me all these years. I’m so disgusted biking Como I could spit. It’s just wrong what they’re doing to us they even have Montana on the list in New York.

    Ricky Napper

    Chris it’s a shame that free Americans are being put through ewhat you are experiencing. You will be in my thoughts. I hear property is reasonable in MB.

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