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    Robbie Baker

    I apologize if this topic has already been addressed and I missed it. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Scott, will we be paired in order on Thursday as it was pre-Covid? This makes such a difference especially if you’re in contention. You know what the other guys are doing and whether you need to take chances or play it safe. Definitely makes things more interesting coming down the stretch. Thanks

    Daniel Rousseau

    has to come back makes no sence to play tournament golf and not being pair on the last day ,i had the chance to live it one year was so fun ,

    Rick Kimbrell

    Totally agree. Cannot be that hard. It was done pre-COVID so why not now. Afterall, in today’s world software can do this very simply.

    Lindy Sullivan

    Would definitely make the experience better.

    Kirk Roberts

    I just wonder if not playing with the other leaders has any effect on how one plays? Do you try and play your best or do you try to play just good enough to win and not get adjusted for exceptional play? If you aren’t paired with the other leaders you have to play as good as possible. If you are playing with them you can possibly lay off some since you know how they are playing.

    Just something to consider.

    Daniel Rousseau

    a lot have been said on the subject on earlier post but just imagine first and secound place same cart last hole one shot lead both have five foothers one makes it to tie and one missis it to tie they are not the same put if you are not together any where on the course ,

    James Carter

    I had my best finish in 2020. I finished 1 shot out of a tie for first. There were plenty of opportunities that I missed but if I had been paired with the leaders, I would have played the last hole differently. I always try to play each hole the best I can, but would have changed up my strategy if I had known I could have bogeyed the hole and finished in 1st alone. I also could have tied for first with a double bogey. I hope they will go back to pairing the flight leaders together again. And I hope I play well enough to be a part of that foursome. Looking forward to August.

    Danny Fox

    I myself think they should do pairings on the last day by standings, even though none of us are Pros, it does add the pressure of competition and how you handle it.

    Glenn Foster

    I agree with the final day pairing. The top 10-12 and ties should be in some arranged pairing. I’ve been in 1 in 25+ years at Litchfield Plantation. I was in top 8 and it helped knowing what the group behind was doing as we watched them. I was never in a position like that before and every short putt was painful then.😂😂 I know it makes it More Everything experience wise. 👍👍👍


    There are (2) ways to look at this:

    (1) – Competition – Playing directly with the person(s) you need to beat does add to the excitement.
    (2) – Reduces Sand Bagging – Not knowing what the other players/leaders are doing forces everyone to play too win which may or may not lead to those individuals showing themselves on the last day.

    I personally am going to play the same no matter what the pairings either be relaxed or try to hard when the pressure is on so I am good just not knowing 🙂

    Chandler Wells

    My 1st 2 years, prior to that C-thing it was re-paired the final day and I thought that was a great idea! Not that it affected me finishing in the bottom 3rd of my flight!

    It really shouldn’t be hard and even with the shotgun starts, easier for the WA staff to be able to do!

    also, the last couple of years, there were numerous “no-shows” the final days by guys that either were way out of it, or just too hungover to make it! LOL…Lots of guys just paired up in those groups and played with their buddies, which could have an adverse affect on Skins games…

    Bobby Thomas

    @Scott T., we are hoping you and your team can return to the pairings in the final round. This was a common occurrence pre-Covid and adds a little tournament excitement to those in the running on the final day of competition. Please make this happen!

    Daniel Rousseau

    please please please come on you can do it let’go scott ,let’s go scott come on every boddy let’s go scott 🙂

    dan westenbarger

    Hole no.1 is very rarely the number 1 handicap hole on the course,I would hate to be in the top 4 and have to start on the hardest hole and by luck of the draw one of the other top 4 got to play the course as it was laid out.they get to build a little momentum heading into those tough holes where as I might make a big number on that 1 handicap and wreck my hole round.I’ve been lucky enough to have been in that top 4 paring and I’ll tell you it is definitely a another level.Just my two cents.


    Just realize if you don’t do well on the hardest hole… Well it is the hardest hole… Reset move on.

    If you don’t do well on the easiest hole well that is another issue… lol

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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