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    Roger Hallquist

    Scott, is there a reason for no response on this? I see you respond to others but not this. If it’s b/c you haven’t made a decision, that’s OK. As everyone states SC is opening, I would hope it is up to the participant. Just wondering! Thanks.


    You can take it out.

    Roger Hallquist

    Thanks Scott. I appreciate your response.

    Glenn Foster

    Here’s my take on the flagstick. If 2 guys want it and 2 do not. You invite time wasted trying to appease everyone in the group remembering to remove it, put it back… 3-4 times on every green.
    It may come down to state lines saying In NC one thing & SC another, or individual courses making rules. The same can/will be said for rakes in bunkers.
    Make the rule as a tournament to decide based on current situations the week of? That way everyone knows before we tee off on day 1.
    It doesn’t matter to me anymore, I haven’t made a birdie in 5 rounds & I don’t think that sucker in the hole has hindered that. You gotta hit GIR to improve your odds on that stat!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tony Robison

    THE USGA rules leave it up to the individual player whether or not the flag stick is in or out. End of discussion. There is no USGA rule that allows competitors to determine if a flagstick caused a ball to not be holed

    Mark Hancock

    If the World Am hasn’t posted anything about it being mandatory to leave the flag in, then proceed to play via the USGA/R&A rules, which allow the competitor to opt to have the flag in or out. I haven’t seen anything posted about it, so play per the rules.

    james mcdaniel

    All tournaments I have played with the flagstick in.(more than a dozen T rounds) the must be holed. There has been NO โ€œyeah, that was inโ€ no speculation no arguments

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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