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    John Decatur

    I have played in 12 consecutive World Ams and all of the Fall Classics and March Championships and thought I had seen it all including my cart mate during a round being handcuffed on the fairway during our round at Sand Piper Bay two years ago for stealing a putter from the pro shop. What I am truly amazed in is the winner of my flight 18 had 5 gross birdies and a eagle in a single round and wasn’t thrown out of the tournament. I play in a lot of golf tournaments and I feel it is statistically impossible for a 10 handicap to have 5 gross birdies and a eagle in a single round and have 4 rounds below his handicap on courses he doesn’t play regularly. Scott is the master of statistics and I asked him how this was possible and how this individual wasn’t thrown out and I received no response. The only saving grace was karma got this individual on Friday and he shot a horrible score at the Dye Club. I find it sad that someone needs to win $600.00 that bad and will come in way below their handicap. I feel bad for the two individuals in my flight who finished in 2nd they should of been the ones that played at the Dye Club not the individual that was the flight winner.
    I also feel bad for a Justin Eldred who is new to golf and was DQ for having a score that was too low for his handicap. I had the privilege of playing a pre tournament round with Justin on Sunday at TPC Myrtle and Justin has only been playing golf for 2-3 years and with COVID has been playing more this summer than usual like myself and for him to be DQ but not the winner of Flight 18 is a joke. Justin was trying his best and had a great round the winner of Flight 18 was way better than a 10 handicap and knew how to beat the WA handicap system. Totally sad and I am embarrassed for him and the World Am for allowing it to happen.

    I will commend the World Am for pulling off the tournament during COVID and I come back each year for the friends I have made over the years and I congratulate Harry Radley on winning. It is the bad memories I wish I could forget and make me question why I come back.


    Thank you John the sad thing is also which I was disappointed about was that one of the guys who had multiple birdies and eagles also won $550 in skins and when I paid them out I was busy doing the skins and being a little parched and hydrated I asked them could they just get me a drink. They avoided the question and someone else was generous to buy me a drink while I completed working on the skins. That same person who the $550 then declinec to give me any tip what so ever. Now bear in mind I do not run the skins to get tips and I had many many people who won skins of a much much lesser value slip me I few dollars here and there even buy me a drink I just thought that it was a little bit disheartening that someone would be so arrogant not to think of the person putting their own time in to try and bring a little fun in a side game to the others. That at all I have to say about this matter

    Mike Cheeseman

    The people who don’t tip the skins guy are a bunch of #$&$#$$

    Tommy Briggs

    Since it has been brought up, I won $300+ and tipped the guy running the skins $10. Is there an appropriate amount (percentage) to tip? I was not thinking about the amount I just thought the $10. would pay for his lunch or a couple of drinks.

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