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    Dennis Daley

    Hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes for volunteering to do the Skins game for our flights and could use some help with recording the scores after each round. I would also like any feedback or question you may have. Please feel free to email me (Dennis) at, ddaley1999@aol.com, text or call me at 513-702-1820.
    Following are a few pointers.
    1. Cost will be $100 for the 4 days(We can change this to $50 if the majority would like). M-T-W $20, Thurs $40.
    2. You can play separate days, but would prefer one payment for the week.
    3. NET SKINS. Originally I planned on playing gross skins within Flight 28 (2 shot HDCP difference) but when I was asked to combine the flights it became a 6 shot difference.
    4. Pay for NET birdie or better, if not tied.
    5. Scores will only be accepted from the official/signed scorecard. Please show us any possible skin before turning you card into the Pro Shop.
    6. If there are no skins or we have a rainout, that money will carryover to the next day.
    7. If there are no skins on Thursday, we will pay all tied birdies or better.
    8. If we have a rainout on Thursday, please see me before leaving the course for your refund.
    9. I plan on having an electronic copy (excel) of skins each day. If you would like a copy please provide your email.
    10. I also plan on having a paper copy that I will clip to the windshield of my cart the following morning.
    11. If you want to stay until all scores are recorded I can pay you then or YOU can find ME the next morning for payout (with exception of Thursday).
    12. If you know for certain that you will not be playing please let me know so I can remove you from the list.
    Looking forward to the tournament,
    Dennis Daley

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Dennis for me I’d rather see gross used and I tell you why we were playing in a tournament about 2 months ago where a friend got lucky to have had a ace on a 185 yard par 3 and a guy with a 5 handicap got a stroke on this hole hit it to 4 inches made the putt knocked him out of the skin… same guy got a stroke on a par 5 about 3 holes later made 4 net gave him a net 3 he won all the skins my friend who made the ace was not a happy camper to put it mildly lol… but hey that’s my vote I’ll do what the rest of the guys want to do and if I can help would be glad to lend a hand if you need it…. And the way the world am adjust handicaps it could be a headache I mean these 2 flights are from 0.7 to 5.8 you know you are going to see some handicaps get adjusted

    Dennis Daley

    Mike, Thanks for your input and I would like to take you up on your offer to help. I could use an extra person to check and record the birdies after the round. The only other input I have received agrees the you with doing gross skins. What would you think about separating the two flights on Thursday? I understand that other flights do that. The flight I was in last year also let you get in individual and combined flights for $50 each for each day. Dennis

    Mike Sigmon

    I’ve been in this flight the last 2 years and its always been 20 bucks each day and last year we did 40 on the last day but its always been gross score like I said I think you are just asking for trouble doing net scores…If someone get and adjusted handicap for playing good one or two days and they knock someone out of a skin then the person see that after being adjusted they end up not getting a stroke on that hole….then the person that got knocked out is going to be looking for his money…and I would be too..The first year I played I shot 78 on Monday and 71 on Tue. at wicked stick I had 27 putts…Tue night when I got to the 19 hole picked up my flight sheet seen they had adjusted my handicap so see the stroke I had at wicked stick could have won me a skin or knocked someone out of getting one either way someone could have been screwed using net score…were as using the gross score it makes no difference if you get adjusted for playing well one day…as I did at wicked stick

    Mike Sigmon

    Oh yea I forgot also not only did the adjust it on Tue. they also took a stroke off on Monday also..

    Dennis Daley

    Final Draft for Flight 27 & 28 Skins Game

    1. We will have a Net and Gross skins game. You can get in either one or both.
    2. Both flights will be combined on all four days.
    3. $50 for four days for each. $10 M-W and $20 Thurs.
    4. If there are no skins (or we have a rainout) that day the payout will carry over to the next day.
    5. If there are no skins the last day, all two way or three way (lowest grouping) ties will be paid out.
    6. If there is a rainout the last day please see me before leaving for your refund.
    8. We will use the handicap assigned to you on the first day. No adjustment will be made even if the WAT makes adjustments.
    9. A lone natural birdie or eagle wins any ties with a net birdie or eagle. This will be entered as 2.9, etc. on my spreadsheet.

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