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    Dennis Daley

    The last couple years I was in a flight that someone else ran the skins game. I ran the skins games prior to that. I am willing to run the game for these flights unless someone else steps up and wants to do it. I would prefer to collect for the entire week($100) but can do individual days if YOU want to find me before teeing off each day.

    I will show up early on Monday in order to collect as many as possible before I tee off. If I don’t get you before I tee off and you are interested in playing in the skins game you must text or email me before you TeeOff and I will stay after my round in order to collect your fee. Please make sure you find me when you are done.

    1.Only scores from your official, signed scorecard will be accepted(not the tear off strip on the bottom) A snapshot can be used to show, email or text me. Make sure I reply to your email or text. If not, call me.

    2.$20 for the first 3 days and $40 for Thursday.

    3.As long as my computer and printer don’t fail me, I will post the skins on the practice Green the next morning. For Thursday make sure I have contact info for you before you leave. (I will have this if you text or email your card to me.)

    4.If there are no skins that day or we have a rainout, the payout will carryover to the next day (assuming you paid both days).

    5.If there are no skins the last day, any tied eagles will split, we will then go to any ties on the most difficult hole (#1 HDCP, etc.) and those tied birdies on the most difficult hole will split.

    6.If there is a rainout the last day please see me before leaving for your refund. Text or email me if we don’t show up to the course.

    Dennis Daley 15137021820
    email ddaley1999@aol.com

    Alex Grebel

    Turns out we are in the same foursome on Monday and it’s a late tee time, so you should have no problem seeing everyone before we tee off. I was in here to also volunteer, but you’re good to go it seems. I’m happy to lend a hand if you need it at all.

    See you on Monday morning.

    Alex Grebel


    Do you accept PayPal Zelle or venmo pror to Monday to make it easier


    Ever thouhht of running a side pot for Last Man Standing as well. I can give you hand ig you need assustance. Tee time 9.33 to give you a break to warm up

    For example if it is $100 for the week I would take $5 person to make up the side pot. 60 participants would be a total of $300

    The game would be 50% of all players and ties NET scores advance to the next day. So with 60 players the best 30 net scores move to Tuesday, the best 15 net scores move to wednesday and the final 7 best scores move to Thursday. At the end of Thursday I would pay out the best 3 net scores who survived $150, $100, $50

    This way you might not get a birdie or if all your skins are cut, you are still in the running to win cash provided you a better than 50% of the field each day

    Just a thought to spice things up and make it fun and I am all about trying to promte the game and running fun games for people

    Alex Grebel


    I like the side pot idea but will leave that up to Dennis since he’s stepped up. As for electronic payments, the biggest problem with it is getting money out of there if you have to make all cash payouts to people that don’t have accounts. I love Venmo and use it often, but I’m not certain it’s a good fit for skins. It would be so perfect if everyone had a Venmo account!

    Anthony Shaddix

    Anthony Shaddix, Flt 29, first day 8:12 #1 tee is in. Will pay $100 Monday.

    Dennis Daley

    Looks like with the tee times I have all week will work out for the skins game. I have a 9:24 time on Monday and plan on getting to the course by 7:00 in order to get as many signed up as possible. My times the rest of the week are early enough that I will be there to post and payout for the previous day. I will stay Thursday until the last group is in. If anyone wants to pay electronically in advance I will accept Zelle. Please use my phone number for this, 5137021820.
    Harry, congrats for winning the WA last year and good luck to the rest of the guys in your flight😁. Thanks for the suggestion on the side game but the software I use does not allow for changes within the skins game. I know you just entered our age group but I’m on the other end and next year will be my last in this group. Maybe you can do skins next year.
    Thanks for the offer to help but with tee times it just makes it more difficult to coordinate. I should have most the work done ahead of time to make it easier. With guys texting or emailing their cards also helps. I wouldn’t expect guys that tee off at 7:45 to wait around for two hours in order show me their card.
    If anyone has any questions please call, text, or email me. See ya Monday.

    Randy Crites

    I’m in! Thanks

    Randy Crites

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